Sunday, May 18, 2008

Father's Day

Look what I found while I was looking for Father's Day gifts on Etsy! Those are my guys right there. My friend Michelle of GlassIdentities started making these cool photo key chains. She asked me if I had some pictures I could share with her and together we can up with the idea of doing some for Father's Day. Isn't this a cute little gift idea?

I might have to order a bunch of these for my mom too. She loves anything with Brady's picture on it. I wish I had thought about that before Mother's Day. Oh well, now I know of cool gifts for any other occasion. I can't wait to get these key chains! I was so excited when I saw the listing, I actually already showed Dustin. Whoops, but they are online anyhow so he might have found them on his own.

If you want some cool key chains like this with any photo or logo on them, go the GlassIdentities' shop. She also has wine charms and zipper pulls. I love her stuff!

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