Monday, May 12, 2008

Photo Challenge #1- Toys

A few of my friends are coming a weekly photo challenge. I decided to participate since I've shied away from photography the last few years. Something about taking pictures for money made me not want to take pictures at all, ever.

So, this isn't my best picture ever. Honestly, I kinda did it all at the last minute. My whole idea was to have the sun coming up behind Sheriff Bow Wow (that's the dog's name), casting a long shadow. I also wanted Sheriff to be a bit darker. I suppose if I wanted more of an extreme, I could have waited for afternoon sun. Sheriff would have been more like a silhouette. But overall, it is what I pictured so I'm ok with it.

Next week, I am going to try a bit harder and give it some more thought. I really would like my pictures to be a bit more phenomenal. And if you are reading this, thanks Kelly for putting the challenge together!

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