Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hugged My Heart #6

Here is Brady all set to go to the wedding reception last Sunday.  Isn't he cute?  Dustin thinks that he looks like he is about to go deliver newspapers and other people thought he looked like a railroad conductor.  I think he looks plain CUTE!  He got this outfit for his birthday so I can't take too much credit.  And actually, Dustin is the one who gave him that hat to wear.  This picture, fortunately, is before he decided to climb up some rocks and jump off.  His legs are ALL scraped up now!

On to the list:

1. Ryann Salamon.  I feel kind of bad since Ryann is the one member of my EtsyInspired Design Team (did you see Tuesday's post?) that I haven't featured on Hugged My Heart yet.  Silly me!  There's just too much going on right now!  Back to Ryann!  Her style is SO clean, crisp, and spot on!  I just love her cards.  I met her on SCS and I KNEW that I had to have her on my team.  She's awesome!  And her personality is just as amazing as her talent!  I *heart* you Ryann!

2. Heidi Sonboul's Baby Mine Layout.  I discovered Heidi's blog on the Unity hip hop blog hop.  On that post. she had created the most heart warming lay out.  The pictures are just gorgeous and the way she made the layout accented them perfectly!  I just love how soft and pretty it is.

3. Mackenzie's take on Lauren's sketch.  You can see Mackenzie's post HERE.  How cute is this?  She's on vacation so she used what she could to make the sketch.  I think it's adorable and wonderfully creative!  

4. Pink Poison stamps.  Ok, so I did win something from Pink Poison this week BUT I do not enter any giveaways that I don't want to win.  I figure that I don't have enough luck to win a lot of things so I just need to enter to win the things I want.  With my luck, I'd win a year supply of cat food or parkas or something else useless to me.  But that's neither here nor there.  I actually heard of Pink Poison through Faith (aka Markie's Mom) and I think their stamps are really cute.  The design team that was chosen is doing an excellent job showing off the cute stamps.  And I have to say, not a ton of companies REALLY catch my eye since I have a sizable stamp collection now.  

That's all for now!  Have a great week!


  1. You are right he is just cute, way so cute and handsome.

  2. Brady is so stinkin cute! My little guy needs to start walking already... Tell Brady to come and teach Liam!

  3. extra extra. blog all about it.

  4. What a cutie pie! and you are such a sweetheart *hugs*