Saturday, September 20, 2008


So sorry for the foul language but SERIOUSLY!  I am SO mad right now!  Ever since I installed my little "Stamping Top 50" button, I've been number 285.  I was MIGHTY proud to be 285.  I mean, I pull in at least 50 unique visitors a day (according to my new counter, even more.)  That's pretty good for someone who's never been on a DT or published right?  I mean, it's more than just my mom and my best friend.  

BUT if you'll notice from the button on the side, I am now sitting at 856!  Are you FREAKIN kidding me?  How does one drop almost 600 spots in ONE night?!?!   I am BEYOND peeved right now.  

Vent over...sorry...


  1. You are funny and speaking my mind :)

    I had this on my blog as well and it started causing anxiety for me. Like it was a popularity contest or something, with people I don't even know.

    I decided to take it down and just enjoy my blog.

    Good luck- your cards are great!!

  2. It looks like you've updated to the new the updates to the stamping50 probably weren't syncing :( No worries! You'll get there!

  3. Ashley,

    That happened to me to. I was like 299 for a while, which I did wonder about since I had only been blogging for 1 week, now I am at 930 somthing. It was weird one time I was there and it was one number then the next it dropped down way down!

    I enjoyed your Saturday Sketch from Lauren in your gallery. I like your blog I will be back.

    My take on the sketch is here

    Hope your number goes back up!

  4. Don't stress! You'll jump up again in no time! :-)

  5. boo boo abbreviation! boo boo abbreviation!