Friday, October 3, 2008

Blog Award

Seriously, how cute is this award?!?  I got it from Tiffany.  She's AMAZING!  Have you seen her blog lately?  Her mojo is on FIRE!  I love everything she's doing.  Pop on over and check her out.  She (herself) is easy on the eyes as well.  ;)

There are no rules for giving this award away so I'm gonna give it to my one and only (who probably couldn't care less.)  

SOoooooo, go visit my hubby's blog to see what kind of creations that he makes.  They are geek-chic.  


  1. I popped my head into your hubby's blog and geez...he was speaking a different language! LOL!!!! His pixelblock art is pretty darn cool though ;)

  2. How fun your hubby's got a blog, you guys are such a creative family!! I think my boys would love hanging out with Dustin...they definitely speak the same language!!
    hugs, Jami

  3. dude. that's so weird. i just granted the skull stamp to her.