Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hugged My Heart #11

It has been a LONG week!  We've all been sick.  And just when I thought we were turning a corner, Brady stayed up all last night screaming.  He's actually not my favorite person at this very second, but I'll get over it as soon as he smiles.

This is a picture of Dustin and Brady.  How cute are they with their matching outfits?  See how Brady is starting to look more like me and less like Dustin?  I love it!

Ok, the list this week is a little haphazard as I'm still not feeling 100% over this cold.

1. Maren Benedict.  I love Maren's sweet personality.  I think she's extremely fun.  She's the kind of person I would want to be friends with in real life.  Not that we aren't friends, we are "in the computer" friends.  But holy cow can this lady craft!  I think Maren actually has more hours in her day than I do, maybe like 27.  Because that's the only way I could explain her being able to get so many wonderful projects done!  She's a huge inspiration to me!

2. NikoArt stamps.  I found this seller on Etsy.  And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Nicole draws all of her stamps and HAND MOUNTS each one!  Can you image how much work that takes?  That's crazy!  I love all the images!  She has cute hedgehogs, owls, deer, and even fairy tale themed stamps.  SO adorable!

3. Brooke's Sofia.  Brooke's little gal is SOOOOOOOO cute!  I put her and Brady on my blog a couple of days ago but I had to mention her again.  She is the CUTEST!  

4. Ikea's Lingonberry Jam.  Though I do find it a little annoying that they don't sell it online, I love this jam!  There are tiny berries in the jam that burst in your mouth.  It's delicious!  And I love it on biscuits!  Mmmmm...we are all out and Ikea is a good 30 minute drive from here.  We'll see how long I can resist!

That's it for this week.  A certain somebody is ALREADY awake so I must go.  Have a great week!


  1. I *love* Ikea's Lingonberry Jam! It is my absolute favorite! We are out too *sadface*

  2. That Etsy store IS cute. I agree with you about Maren, she is amazing. I can't figure out how she gets all those projects done so fast, and make them so cute. And Brooke's daughter is a doll. I love to see other peoples cute little kids on the blogs. I hope your family feels better soon.

  3. was he screaming, "i love you mommy!"?

  4. I've never tried the jam :( I'm like 4 hours away from the nearest IKEA :(

    LOVE the picture!!!!

  5. We don't have IKEA here... or Target, or Michaels, or JoAnns... or anything! Ugh...I'm getting homesick.

    Brady looks so cute in his hat!! I always loved hats, but could never get my boys to wear them.

    hugs, Jami

  6. aw---- hes ganna smile i know it! he is too cute, that is why God made babies cute so we will love them regardless :)

  7. You are so sweet & cute!! I am glad that we are 'friends'! Maybe I am a vampire..... :-)