Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hugged My Heart #8

Ok, this didn't necessarily hug my heart at the time.  Brady decided that he wanted to dump all my ribbon on the ground.  Maybe he wanted to make a card for WCMD too?  But I do love a tank top romper on a baby.  I think they are so cute.  This is my fall back outfit for when Brady is being REALLY REALLY awful to me.  It always makes my laugh to see him in it.

Here's my list this week:

1. Lauren Meader's Nine post.  If you can read this post without crying than you are a way stronger person than me.  It's all about Alexa turning nine.  If you don't know Alexa's story, I advise you run on over to Lauren's blog and check it out.  It's inspiring.  It's one of the MANY reasons that I love Lauren.  She's amazingly talented but this post isn't about that.  It's about how big her heart is.  

2. Patter's organizing.  Just about every week Patter has a blog post about how to organize.  And, as I've confessed before, I really need to learn how to organize.  I think it's really nice of her to take the time to show us these tips!  Also, her pictures are great too!  Thanks Patter, you rock my world!

3. Boyce Avenue.  My new music phase has been moving toward acoustic music.  I just love the more muted sounds.  I think that it lets the words show through instead of all the electronic sounds that fill most songs these days.  Boyce Avenue is an amazing group.  Alejandro Manzano is the lead singer and I love his voice.  They have original songs and acoustic covers of popular songs.  Check them out!  

4. Limelight Paper Crafts.  Now, I've mentioned Limelight earlier but it's worth mentioning again.  The shop is so cool!  They carry a TON of stuff I LOVE like Stickles, Primas, glitter, Kaiser Craft  rhinestones and pearls.  They also carry a bunch of my favorite stamp companies like Unity, Pink Cat Studio, and Odd Bird Planet.  Plus, how fun is Mandy (the owner)?  I love her!

That's all for now!  Have a great week!


  1. Look at that naughty face!!! It's stuff like this that makes you so furious at the time and then laugh later on...much later on...

    I should start reading Patter's blog about organizing! Right now I have a ribbon, it looks like a cartoon when I open it! Everything flies all over. My ribbon deserves so much better :)

    Great morning read!

  2. That first one did make me cry. How sweet.

    That music is really good. I agree, I love acoustic, soulful music too.