Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Big Announcement #2

So, I don't usually have time to announce my new DT members before the EtsyInspired post rolls around.  But this time, I got a little advance notice.  :)  Now, this is a team member recruited by Lindsay Spencer.  I say that because I would never be so bold as to ask someone SO FABULOUS to be on the team.  I usually ask VERY TALENTED people who are not currently on any teams or maybe just one team.

Who's this new designer?  I'll give you some hints...  She's a Caardvark!  She's a stamp designer for Queen Kat Designs.  She gets published a lot.  She's....(wait for it).....
TANIS GIESBRECHT!  ACK!!!  Isn't that FABULOUS?!?  I am so excited!  This is an example of Tanis's work that I *borrowed* from her blog.

Speaking of EtsyInspired, did you do the challenge for this week yet?  There's a $15 gift certificate to be won!  Hurry, you only have until Friday!


  1. I'm so ready to be schooled....LOL!

  2. This is a great blog and a beautiful banner you have!

  3. Thanks for the ****SUPER KIND**** words Ashley! I wish I really was as famous as that :)
    GLAD to be on this team, and looking forward to being ETSY INSPIRED.

  4. Woohoo! Everyone loves Tanis, how could you not? I'm so excited to have her on the team.

  5. how cool to have someone as talented as her to be on your team...very cool :)

    and your card...BEAUTIFUL :)

  6. Congrats Tanis --

    Yes -- she does wonderful work.

    Ashley -- I hope & the baby are doing well.

    Take care

  7. Yeah Tanis!!! You rock!!
    hugs, Jami