Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hugged My Heart #12

Happy Halloween from Baby Batman!  Well, a little late.  Brady was *supposed* to be Tigger.  We borrowed the costume from one of his friends however every time I put the costume on him, he was just miserable.  I don't know why, he was so cute.  Luckily, MaryAnn (the lady I work for) lent us this Batman costume and as you can tell, Brady is MUCH happier to be Batman!  He was adorable!  He RAN from door to door charming everyone along the way.  I gave him two Skittles for all his work and he loved them.  Then he helped pass out candy at home.  It was a great evening.  We won't talk about his afternoon as Tigger, suffice to say, it didn't go well.

Here's the list this week:
1. Lee Murphy.  You know that Lee is one of my new DT members.  She's amazing!  I can't believe that she's never been  on a design team before being that she is super talented.  But beyond that, she's just so uplifting.  Every time I talk to her, she's so positive and always lifts me up.  She also uses the cutest smilies and that makes me happy too.  I am SO lucky to have her on my team and as a friend.

2. Joy Stagg (I hope I got your last name right Joy, I'm confused!)  Joy is super fun to be around.  She's funny and sweet.  She and her dog Polo entertain me a lot.  I kind of find Joy to be a lot like me style-wise and personality-wise.  Especially when Chester (my pommie) was my only baby.  I love that Joy's cards show her personality, each one has a touch of fun to it.  And her projects are AWESOME!  I'm also very lucky to have Joy on my team.

3. Happy Slip's Take A Bow cover with a twist.    Ok, if you've heard Rihanna's Take a Bow, you might have noticed that it's not the most happy or positive song ever.  That's why I love this take on the song.  She wants to sing about a man that is WORTH waiting for.  A far cry for many of the songs out there today depicting cheating men or hurtful men.  I love the lyrics she wrote.  You should check out this song, it gave me goosebumps. (ETA: Her lyrics start about half way through the song)

4. Mom's Home Cooking.  So, I've been sick for a couple weeks along with Dustin and Brady.  We've been eating canned soup and frozen dinners since we don't feel up to cooking.  Enter my mom.  I told her the situation and now she's making us a little food.  YAY!  Nothing is as comforting as the foods you grew up with.  The familiar taste always soothes me.  YAY for food!  I love food.

Have a good week everyone!


  1. CJ was Batman too!!! Crazy!

    I'm so glad your mom is there to help feed you all... I LOVE a home cooked meal and for some reason, my food always tastes better if my mom makes my plate? Ahhhh...enjoy!

  2. Aww Brady is just adorable. He looks so happy as Batman. :-)

    And way cool to hear mom stepped in to help out. Home cooked meals are the best!

  3. lol, yes, you got my last name right. My husband's last name is Byrd, but I didn't take it when we got married, JOY BYRD, seriously, come on now!!!!!!

    you're fantastic Ashley!

  4. Brady is an adorable batman - just look at that smile!! Glad he had a fun time!
    hugs, Jami