Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hugged My Heart #15

Eeek!  How cute is my little Buggy?  This is the other side of the picture from last week, sort of.  I ADORE pictures where Brady is looking off to the side.  I think it perfectly displays how cute his eyes really are which is pretty darn cute if you ask me.

Short list this week.  I'm still not 100% over the stomach flu so I haven't been doing much of anything.  

1. Baby Dancing.  So, we all know to have our video cameras ready for a baby's first step or first word and such.  However, no one ever told me to be prepared for the dancing.  Yesterday, I was sitting on the couch and Brady walked up to me.  He put his hands on his thighs and started shaking his booty around.  The whole time, he was singing "ducka da da ducka."  It was the CUTEST thing ever and it will probably never happen again.  I was totally unprepared for this show.  I need to install video cameras in my house or something.

2. Jacquie at Family and Crafting.  Jacquie is so sweet and I've gotten the pleasure to know her from the Unity forum on SCS.  She's been so supportive of the EtsyInspired Challenge, playing along each week and posting to her blog.  It really means a lot to me to see her playing along and having so much fun.  Thanks Jacquie, you rock!

That's all this week!  Have a GREAT week and  a wonderful holiday everyone!


  1. Hey Ashley

    That must have been so adorable!
    Yeah install cameras in every room lol

  2. Oh isnt he the cutest!! I love when they are little! Kids do the cutest things! I remember when Alvin and the chipmunks came out and my little girl would go around the house chicka wow wow! It was so cute, and I dont have a video camera so I hope my memory will suffice! Thanks so much for the *Hugs* I am so glad I found you on Unity and I love your blog and your amazing spirit! YOU rock!

  3. Oh YES, that's affirmative! He's a total cutie patootie doll baby!!! :) Hope you have a great day, Ash! hugs~

  4. SO CUTE!!!!! Love that pic and what a sweetie that lady!

  5. I'm totally giggling about the baby dancing...those moments are the greatest!!! You're so right, Jacquie is a sweetheart!!
    hugs, Jami