Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Look! It's a CARD!

Ok, so it's not the most fancy thing I've ever made but you try being creative after a day of someone screaming for like FIVE hours.  I'm just proud I got it done.  

This is for the Unity Wednesday Challenge.  The challenge was to use primary colors.  This is QUITE a challenge.  I went straight to "make a little boy's birthday card."  You know, since Brady has about a BILLION friends that all have birthdays (did you know EVERY kid has a birthday??  ;) )  

Anyhow, I'm hoping to get more crafting time in tonight.  I've missed it so.  Hope you all have a wonderful day before Hip Hop!


  1. Way cute! I love it. Sometimes simple says a ton more than complicated! And besides,if it was therapeutic, it really doesn't matter!!!!

  2. This is super cute - love the little row of dew drops along the bottom, like little ice cubes! :) Glad you got a little bit of time to play today!
    hugs, Jami

  3. Hi Ashley!

    You sound a little happier today? But 5 hours of screaming will take it out of a girl!

    Have you tried numbing drops in his ears?

    You can buy them at Wal Greens or my Dr always perscribes them for ear infections and sinus infections because their ears hurt so much!

    You might try some teething tablets as well they sometimes calm them down even if it is not teething.

    I hope you get a break tomorrow!

    I really like your primary colors card! I am finding more and more lately I am drawn to the cards with lots of white in them, and that totally surprises me!

    I love the little clear beads those are totally wonderful addition to this card!

    Great Creation thanks for sharing!

    Hey I am offering some Mega Blog Candy to Celebrate my 5,000 hit in the 7 weeks I have been blogging! Yea!!!!

    over at my blog.

    Have a good night!


  4. i like it. but mainly i like you.

  5. Such a CUTE card --
    I'm on vacation -- so haven't posted anything this week!!
    I hope your family is on the mends - take care