Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Card, a Tag, and a Couple Awards

This is a card I made for last Sunday's Featured Stamper challenge.  I would link everything but SCS isn't working for me AGAIN.  I will link it all up later.  The FS was Annascreations.  Here is the card of hers I CASEd.  

Here are the things I changed:

I'm pretty happy with this card.  It's like this stamp (Unity's Tiny Trinity) and this paper was made for each other.  This is also the first time I've used a top note (which I got from a WishRAK) and I love them!  

Last week, Brookie tagged me with the post the 4th picture in my album tag which I won't bore you with again.  AND she wants seven random facts about me.  I'll try to post something you don't already know.

1. I have to agree with Sherry.  I don't like music on blogs or websites.  I'm usually listening to my own music or watching to TV so I have to find the music player and turn it off.
2. I love penguins.  I think they are sooo cute!
3. I've recently switched back to mineral make up and get lots of compliments.  
4. I love carbs with a passion!  Bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, mmmmm!
5. I used to do therapy for children with Autism.
6. I don't like weddings.  They stress me out.
7. I'm not an outdoors kind of gal at ALL!  Give me a hotel and a mall and THAT'S a vacation!  ;)

I need to thank Kerry and Sara for these awards!  Thanks girls!  You are just too sweet!  So, I'm supposed to nominate people for these awards.  

1. my EtsyInspired DT past and present.  You can find their links at the top of my blog.  They are ALL amazing!  (That takes care of 8 right there!)

2. Sherry!  I heart you Sherry!  

3. Heather.  I love this sweet girl and her loving comments!  

And that's 10.  Call me a cheater, I don't care!  Happy Tuesday all!  Hugs!


  1. Such a cute blog!
    --equivoque (at etsy)

  2. This card is sooo cute Ashley! I love it! SCS is not working for me lately either, so frustrating!

  3. Super cute card!!!I love your blog,I love reading your entrys

  4. Hi Ashley!

    How sweet are you!!!!

    Thank you for the awards, and I really appriciate your comments too! You made my day girl!!!

    I was planning to do this even before I saw the award you gave me, but I left you an award today too! How funny is that!!!!


  5. LOL.........you are so cute!!! As is your card...I love the colors!!! And I love dew drops!! You're sweet too......what a Kool Award!!!! Thank you soooo very much!!!! Well, I used to be pretty good about being "outdoorsy".....but that has faded a lot as I'm getting a bit older now.....I do like my comforts!!!! Hugs!!

  6. Love that card - great colors and love the ribbon on the die cut!! I'm with you on the carbs...especially cereal!!
    hugs, Jami