Friday, January 2, 2009

EtsyInspired Deadline Extended

I'm extending this week's EtsyInspired deadline until Sunday Jan 4 at 12 noon Pacific time.  Why, you might ask.  Well, because Random.Brady is off at Grandma's house and I can't pick a winner.  And I do tell everyone that it will be a Random.Brady drawing.  There's no false advertising here!  So, upon Random.Brady's return from a weekend of sugar, soda, and fun, I'll have him draw a name for you all.  Let's hope he doesn't think it's candy and eats it.  

If you wanna play go to the Kiddlebug shop, make any creation inspired by anything in the shop.  Post your link on the ORIGINAL POST.  


  1. are too cute Ashley!!! Definitely enjoy your time with hubby!!! ;)

  2. laughed out LOUD at the weekend of sugar, soda and fun!! and i will so probably dothat too when i have grandkids!

    glad the eadline is extended because i wanted to play!