Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Finally Done!

Oh my goodness!  I've been working on this little book for so long!  I can't even remember when I started but I'm tempted to say it was probably a year ago.  I told myself I'd be done by Brady's first birthday.  Brady is now almost 19 months!

Now, I think part of it is that I'm not really a scrapbooker.  I'm a card maker.  Some people don't see a difference but I do.  Especially with the new style of scrapbooking that involves lots of negative space.  That's not for me.  I like to see lots of BIG pictures.  I love pictures.  Even more than I love embellishments believe it or not.

Here are a couple of my favorite layouts.  Perhaps they are really just a few of my favorite pictures.  I got this idea to make an ABC book from the mom of the children I used to nanny for.  Each page features a picture of the child doing, wearing, or with something that represents the letter of the alphabet.  I think it's a fun keepsake and a great way to learn your ABCs.

I haven't started on Brady's baby book yet either.  I don't know what I'm going to do!  I think I'd like to just do one page per month and then 
another page for special events or milestones.  But should I do 8.5 x 11?  12 x 12?  8 x 8?  I don't know!  What do you think?


  1. You did such a great job on these! I love to scrapbook, started it way before cardmaking but I felt too pressured to do the "current" style and it lost it's fun.
    Lately I've been realizing, it'm my books so I'm going to do what I want.
    I really like my 12x12 albums but the 8x8 size is a fun size too!

  2. I think is so cute Ashley, you have done a lot!!! I think smaller scrapbook pages are easier to do especially if you have tons of memories to fill in!

  3. These are so so so so cute Ashley!

  4. What a sweet alphabet book...one I am sure Brady will love for years to come! I really like the 8x8 size because it is big enough for some good pictures but not as overwhelming as a 12x12. :)

  5. First, I LOVE when babies yawn!!! Second, who doesn't love puppy kisses?!? Third, GREAT layouts!

  6. Really cute book...I would plan on 12 X 12 for the next one. You never know what you will have to scrap. If it is too small you may not be able to include everything. If you don't have much one month, you can always fill the page with embellishments. :o)

  7. This is adorable Ashley! What an awesome idea!!

  8. Hey Ashley.

    Your layouts are great I would never have guessed you are not a scrapbooker!!!

    I really love 12 x 12 the best because you can add more Pictures and you and I are picture people. Plus if you do not know how to fill the space print out a 5 x7 or 8x 10 picture of Brady to really show case that picture.
    8 1/2 x 11 is just a wierd size for many pictures or embellies and 8 x8 are awesome for gift books brag books and such but you can not put much on a page.

    I did a layout for each month 1 - 24 and I added a large journalling section where I wrote down all the things I could remember from that month with lots of pictures from that month. Some months had 12 to 14 cropped pictures it was fun!!!

    Love the layouts girlly and I can not wait to see your Flutter By Card tomorrow!!!


  9. It's funny because I scrapped for so long and then really concentrated on making cards and now I find it really hard to go back to scrapping (even though I am really behind) so I know exactly what you are saying. These pictures are just adorable and the layouts came out great.