Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oh, It's SOOO Bad!

Here are the pictures of my "craft room" which is more like a disaster area.  I have no idea how to organize.  I'm just horrible at it.  Any advice would be MUCH appreciated!

Here's my desk.  Look, I'm talking to you guys on SCS!
Those high shelves are NOT practical at all!

My table.  It's supposed to be a work space.
My bookshelf.  Everything is in containers because of tiny roaming hands.


  1. Oh wow... I feel like I just saw something I wasn't supposed to...ROFL! Does this mean that I have to share my space??? Let's hope not...

  2. Hee Hee....those high shelves aren't useless. That's where you put your rarely used stuff or items to alter or just use that as a place for inspiration or storing cards. I always find a good place to start is clearing out what I don't use first shelf by shelf. Then organizing it by category (stamps, paper, embellies, etc.) and putting it in a place that makes sense for how I use it. stamps are behind me, my ink is next to me on my table, my dies and nesties are over by my Big Shot, paper is on a shelf behind me. I have lots of pics on my blog if you want more ideas.

  3. Its not that bad, Ashley! I like your space!

  4. Look at all that Schtuff!!! Holy smokes....wish I had a space that big!!
    hugs, Jami

  5. Oh Believe me compared to my space this looks so good. I have seen lots of pictures of other peoples spaces lately that are just as bad or way worse so do not worry you are not alone girl!!!

    Thanks for sharing though it makes me feel better about my space to know I am not the only one!!!!


  6. My space is pretty much the same way - one of my friends loves to organize so she's going to come over and help me, which is good because I have no idea where to even start!