Monday, February 2, 2009

A Card and 29 Gifts

Even through VSBN, I did manage to make a little simple card.  Poor sick Riley!  That's how I felt last week!  I feel better now though.  This is for a Friday challenge on the Hanna Stamps forum on SCS.  I love Hanna, Riley, and Sophie!  They are all so cute!  

I'm continuing on with the 29 Gifts challenge.  I just wanted to note that some days I will share what I gave and some days I won't.  If I feel that I want a gift to stay anonymous or if someone might be embarrassed if I mention it, I will not write about it.  

Yesterday, I left 85 comments in the SCS gallery for my gift.  I focused on zero comment cards because having those in my gallery always makes me a little sad.  Also, I like getting comments from people I don't know, so that's why I did it.  Today, I bought cupcakes to share with my mommy group for my friend's birthday.  HOWEVER, I didn't end up going since some of the kids are sick and we just got done being sick.  So, hopefully it's the thought that counts.  


  1. Love those Riley stamps. Nice job and great to make cards for causes.

  2. This is so CUTE! Don't you just love that Riley? That was very nice of you to leave all those comments in the gallery. I'm guilty of this. You've inspired me to take my time and leave some luv on my next browse.

  3. Very cute Ashley! And good for you for committing to the 29 days... I saw that over on Katie's blog... you guys are great for doing it. And I like your idea of leaving comments on 0 post cards.. I do that sometimes, and on Blogs that don't get alot of comments! Cheers to you!

  4. Cute card and you are doing such a good thing on the gifts. I love that you left so many comments on SCS. I just don't have the time but I know how much the comments mean to me so I know you made peoples days!

  5. This Card is so so cute!!! I love it. I love sick Riley I had not seen him before!!!