Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sponsor Spotlight #5 - Rubber Romance

I first heard about Rubber Romance on Etsy when I was doing a search for rubber stamps.  Like I've said before, I do a lot of supply shopping on Etsy.  I absolutely fell in love with these stamps from the second I saw them!  However, after I used them, I fell even more in love.

My favorite from Rubber Romance are the Divas.  They are so sassy and fashionable!  I love them!  But that's not the only reason.  You see, I'm not great at coloring.  I find that I'm mediocre at it, probably coloring as well as a elementary school student.  But with Rubber Romance stamps, the shading is already built in!  So, I can color with my normal technique but it looks really nice since the shading and details are already built into the stamps!  

If you go to the Rubber Romance website, you can find a huge variety of stamps!  You can find everything from background stamps, simple shapes, flowers, etc...  But don't forget to check out those Divas, they are awesome!  And come back on Feb 28th to see what Rubber Romance will be giving away as a challenge prize!!


  1. Off to check them out. I love the stamp you posted.....super sassy!


  2. I came across this Etsy store I think last year and I totally loved it!