Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St Patty's Brady and GO VOTE FOR SHANNON!

This is Brady in his St Patrick's Day garb.  He HAD to have this shirt.  He picked it out himself at Target and would not let it go.  Luckily, it was on sale for $5 so I bought it for him.  This is the FIRST time he has ever shown interest in clothes so I figured I would get it for him.  Especially knowing how often he likes to take his clothes OFF.  

So, Happy St Patrick's Day from Random.Brady.  His shirt says "Not Lucky, just Cute."  Appropriate, wouldn't you say?!?  I think so.  

In other SUPER EXCITING news, my friend and DT member Shannon Bracken made TOP TEN in My Favorite Things Idol!  Her screen name on SCS is Mrs.Mac.  Go HERE to vote for her!  


  1. YOU ROCK!!!!! I love you girl!!!! And Brady is so cute fully clothed.... :0

  2. How can you not love a smile like that? He's definitely cute - and lucky. He has you for a mom. I think that counts as lucky.

  3. Very Cute Ashley he looks adorable!!!

    Wooooo Hoooo for Shannon I'll give her a shout out in my Flutter By post tomorrow!!!


  4. He is just a cutie! His smile is adorable by the way!

  5. Brady is just adorable. I voted for Shannon.

  6. Brady is so cute in that shirt!!

    And I already voted for Shannon b/c her project is that good and I knew who she was