Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Birth Story and More Pictures

I know I usually don't get super personal on my blog but I've been asked several times to post Parker's birth story. PLEASE DO NOT FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO READ IT! If you are interested, it's here for you. If you are like me (never wanting to know the gory details), look at the pictures and leave a comment. I will be going into detail.

June 13:

2 am: I woke up with a funny feeling. I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital but since I had just been there on Thurs and got sent home, I just waited. I just laid in bed waiting, like a doofus.

3:34 am: My water broke while I was still in bed waiting. I grabbed the towel I had by the bed and ran to the bathroom. I shouted for Dustin. I told Dustin "my water broke" to which he replies "are you serious?" I try very hard not to much him and succeed.

4:20 am: My Mother in Law shows up at our house to watch Brady while we go to the hospital.

4:30am: Get to hospital and check in. At this point, my water has a green color because of Meconium. But they aren't going to check my progress until I am in active labor. They tried to put my IV in and I turned green and told them I was going to pass out. They revive me with smelling salts and we start over again. Fun.

8:30am: I'm done trying to walk around the hospital, mostly since I am leaving a water trail as I go. We decide to start Pitocin.

2pm: I've decided that I'm done feeling contractions since Pitocin makes them much worse. I tell them that I want an epidural. I am at 4 centimeters. The guy came in to give me the epidural and could not get it in on the first try. He has to pull the needle out and start over.
More fun.

5pm: The nurse came in to check me, I'm at 6 centimeters. However, her hands are covered in blood afterwards. A couple minutes later, the room was filled with people and all the lights had been turned on. They unplugged my IV, epidural, and Pitocin. A doctor came in and tried to stretch out my cervix so that he could pull the baby out. After a new minutes, I finally figured out that the baby's heart rate had dropped by half and it was going on 5 mins of being that way. They called for anesthesiology, told the special care nursery to prep, and called the OR. They were preparing to call a code when a couple of the nurses rolled me onto my side and the baby's heart rate went back up to normal. They didn't know what happened.

5:30pm to 9:00pm or later: Hysterical crying on my part. All the while, Dustin kept asking me questions like "should I go to our house and check on the dogs?" "can your mom watch Brady tomorrow while my parents go to a meeting?" I lost it and screamed at him.

10:30pm: My epidural starts wearing off and the nurse doesn't want me to have much more. (MEAN nurse, last time I couldn't feel ANYTHING at all! It was wonderful!) I start telling them that I'm having a lot of pressure. So, they check me and the baby is face up (sunny side up.) They tell me to turn onto my side and try to get the baby to roll over.

11:00pm: I tell them that the pressure is getting worse and I need to push. They check me again. The baby has turned, but not the right way. They roll me over onto my other side. They keep telling me that if I try to get him out sunny side up, it will be harder.

11:15pm: I tell them that I HAVE to push. The midwife tells me that the baby isn't in position yet. I tell her, I HAVE TO PUSH! She rather condescendingly says "Fine, push." SIX minutes later, the baby is out.

11:21pm: Parker is covered with blood from my placenta and Meconium. His lungs have fluid in them. Apparently, my placenta had pulled itself off the wall of my uterus. Parker's cord was wrapped around his shoulder. And because he's such a big baby, they have to check his blood sugar. His blood sugar was REALLY low and they told me we had to give him formula. They checked his blood sugar again, though it was still low, they did not make him go to the special care nursery.

Alright, that leads us to our quest home which was no walk in the park either. But I'm ending this ridiculously long post now. Cookies for you if you made it to the end!


  1. Ashley that is so scary! I'm so glad you're all ok. I can't believe you remember all that! LOL

  2. Ashley I am so happy you and the baby are safe and well. Sorry you had to go thru all that but the up side is you're not preggers and uncomfortable anymore. Congratulations!

  3. WOW Ashley! Glad all is well now. Rest up girl.

  4. What an adventure! Glad everything turned out okay! He's adorable! :)


  5. I made it to the end.
    I love birth stories.
    I don't love that this was long and scary for you.
    But YAY for a SWEET and HEALTHY baby boy :)
    Congrats again!

  6. wow... I can't imagine going through all that you did. You are such a strong woman and I admire you for that hun! {hugs} I am so happy you and Parker are home in healthy! You all look so happy at home! :) I love you all so much! Tell Dustin to stop being a butt! Thank you for sharing your story with us hun! I love hearing birth stories but I am sad that you had so much pain and scary parts! I am so happy Parker is home and ok now though! Ok I will stop writing a love letter from my heart! *wink*

  7. Ashley, I am so sorry it was so difficult! But hopefully ater a few weeks, you will forget about it when you hold that beautiful baby!

  8. {{{{{{{hugs Ashley! }}}}}}}
    Congrats on delivering Parker despite all that nonsense! And congrats again to you, Dustin and Brady on your new addition!

  9. wow ashley..........I'm so glad everything ended up ok and you guys are home and all safe and sound!

  10. omgoodness. i cannot begin to even imagine what you felt like! damn doctors and nurses. they mean well. but, sure glad everything finally turned out beautifully and the pictures are just fabulous.

    big hugs & congrats.

  11. Wow - you really have a story!! It's all worth it when you have a healthy baby. And he sure is a cutie!! Congrats!! 20 years from now you will be able to tell 20 year olds and scare them to death!

  12. Great story Ashley! Some of your commentary made me laugh, like yelling at Dustin! Poor guy! Ha ha right?! Poor Ashley is more like it!! The pics are precious! The one with Parker, Dustin and Brady is adorable! So good the hear from you!

  13. I'm so glad everything turned out well in the end. The pictures of you all are so precious...enjoy your special time together!

  14. Ashley, thanks for sharing your birth of Parker. So glad it is all behind you and you and Parker are doing well. He is so adorable and you look great. Congratulations to you and Dustin!!

  15. Oooh, cookies! I'll even do the baking.
    Sheesh, I cannot abide condescending medical professionals. When your body says push, you push, darn it! Some really scary moments in there. I am so, so very glad that you and he are okay. Hannah had some blood sugar problems at birth, too. She also had meconium staining. I didn't see her right away, so I don't know if she was covered or not and I have no clue if the two conditions are related or just coincidental.
    He is a beautiful baby. Not surprising. He has a beautiful mother.
    Congratulations sweetie!!

  16. So glad it's all over and you're home & happy with your new family of 4! My youngest, Lucas, was a scary birth - born 13 min after we arrived at L&D due to emergency c-section because he had turned breach. I thought I was gonna push him out in the car! At least once we got there it was over fast although scary! :)
    You're a tough cookie hun - now relax and nap with the munchkins for a few weeks! :) Love ya!

  17. Wow! What a story! Congrats on the cute little boy! He is adorable!

  18. Of course I read the whole thing, I wanted to know what is going on with you guys!! I'm so glad things are ok with you now. Reminds me of when Liam was poor things {{{HUGS}}} you guys

  19. hi ash!!!!!
    ahhhh the adventures of motherhood! nothing like a dramatic entrance! so glad you are both well and looks like everyone was so excited to see parker!
    big huge hugs girl!!!

  20. Hi Ashley,

    Well you know me, I love lots of detail, and I am a Labor and Delivery Nurse so Yep I made it all the way to the end!!!

    I am glad you are home and doing well!!!!

    Can't wait to hear the rest of the story!!!

    Congrats Ashley, Dustin, Brady, and Parker on your new family!!!

    Heather Schlatter

  21. Ashley, what a stressful situation!!! I would've yelled at my hubby too... Geez! He should've thought about all that beforehand! And you poor thing, blood-green! I would've flipped! I'm so glad you and your miracle baby are at home and resting now!

  22. I am so thankful that you are both safe!! My son arrived sunny-side up w/o epidurals (they did 3 and none worked!!) and I know what a hard day that was for you!!!

    I am happy for all of you and Parker is ADORABLE!!

  23. Congratulations Ashley! Sorry to hear of all the scary stuff you had to go through. Hope you are getting lots of rest now.

  24. I am one that made it to the end - it was very entertaining! It's no walk in the park this giving birth stuff is it? Congratulations for your bravery and for screaming at your husband when he asked stupid questions! all look happy so hopefully all is well with you, bubs and your family....

  25. You poor girl, what a horror story! But I am sure that Parker was worth the whole terrorizing event!

  26. Wow. Well, congrats now that it's all in the past and you get to enjoy your adorable baby.

  27. OMGosh, that is sooooo scary, and Im sure painful. Im sooo happy to hear that you and the baby are fine now:) That is alot to have to go through I couldnt even imagine all that. It was hard enough with the first one and I was in labor for 1 hour. I couldnt even think of it lasting any

    Anyways hun, your baby is darling, and congratulations!!! :)

    Have a nice week :)