Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Lied

I honestly thought I was going to stop crafting and blogging but I'm just so bored these days.  The waiting is KILLING me!  I went to the doctor's office today and I've made no progress since last week.  Sigh...

Anyhow, this is for the Clean and Simple challenge on SCS this week.  The challenge was to make a card with pink/coral, Kraft, and another color.  I used brown as my other color and white as a neutral.  Maybe I cheated, I don't know.  The stamps are from Unity's March KOTM.  I just added a little ribbon and done.  That's pretty much my attention span these days though.

Happy Tuesday friends!  Send lots of going into labor thoughts my way please!!


  1. This is so cute. Maybe stamping and blogging keeps your mind off....I'm ready for the BABY!

  2. Think "opening" thoughts Ash! Its hard being big and uncomfortable, but its a happy, miraculous thing you've got going on and try to remember that :)

  3. this is beautiful. that stamp is fabulous.


  4. Hang in there! Hopefully the crafting helps keep your mind off it... a little?! The card is beautiful! I don't think you cheated!

  5. I know the waiting is hard and you feel bored but you will be super busy soon enough! :) I am sending positive thoughts your way!

    Cute card!

  6. This is beautiful Ash!!!! Just think, you'll be ahead in card-making while you wait! HUGS!!!

  7. This turned out really pretty to Ashley. I do not know if that counts as a cheat or not, but this is really a great card!!!

    Well off to catch up on the rest of what I have missed this week!!!