Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blog Candy For a Cause: Spread the Word!

Earlier today I was contacted by one of my blog readers, Nikki. Nikki is offering up this HUGE blog candy and asked me to help spread the word. Now, before everyone comes emailing me about their blog candy, the reason I agreed to write a whole post for Nikki is that she has a wonderful CAUSE behind her blog candy.

Nikki is trying to raise money for her friend and fellow crafter Priscilla. Priscilla was recently diagnosed with cancer. On top of that, Priscilla's husband and daughter have some health issues as well. And just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, Priscilla and her hubby lost their jobs AND their medical insurance. Nikki has set up a medical fund for her friend Priscilla. To be entered in this awesome blog candy, all you have to do is donate $5 to the medical fund. Now, I know that times are tough for everyone (us included) but if everyone could donate just $5, think of what a miracle that would be. Priscilla would be able to still afford her cancer treatment. Go HERE for details.

Nikki also has a challenge in honor of Priscilla, just make a card for a sick child. She has listed the Make a Child Smile organization as a way you can help or make a card for any sick child. She has another blog candy for this challenge. Click HERE to read about that.

Now, if you don't have the time or money to help in these ways, that's ok too. Not everyone can. But everyone CAN spread the word. Tell a friend, write an email, post it on your blog or website or Facebook or Twitter. That's my challenge to you. Do what you can and feel better about yourself. Hugs!

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