Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mandy's Photo Scavenger Hunt

Every year, Mandy over at Limelight Papercrafts does a super fun photo scavenger hunt for World Card Making Day. :) Since I'm hosting this year, I'm not sure I can win BUT I would not give up the opportunity to play along with one of my FAVORITE challenges. You, however, should play along to win! The winner gets to pick out $10 worth of Limelight stuff as their prize!

1. Mismatched Socks. Hehe, you didn't really think you'd get away with not seeing my kids did you?
2. A card with no ribbon.
3. Your favorite drink
4. Something that begins with the same letter as your name. A is for affection and adorable! ;)
5. Sidewalk Chalk Art. Guess which part I did??
6. The funniest thing you can find. 2 year olds are hilarious.


  1. ACK! I am SOOOOOO glad you played along! I love that it says "Hi Mandy" on your sidewalk! Bwahahahaha!!

  2. Too fun! Cute kid pics! I love Dr. Pepper too! :) Hope you are feeling better and having lots of World Card Making Day fun!

  3. Great pics! I just love the all the pics of the kids. They are just adorable.

  4. Ashley your pics are so cute! OMG I just want to squeeze those adorable little boys! The "Hi Mandy" on the sidewalk is priceless! Adorable.

  5. How cute are these pics. clever chalking!