Saturday, October 31, 2009

M's Sketch, Brady Style!

Savitri Wilder has a new challenge on her blog. Her daughter Emma draws a sketch for everyone to use. But not just that, they encourage people to have their kids make cards based on the sketch. There are prizes not just for the big crafters but also for the little crafters. :) For details on this challenge CLICK HERE.

Ok, I haven't gotten a chance to make a card for this sketch yet but Brady wanted to make a card this morning. He's quite the little card maker now, obsessed like mommy. I asked him what he wanted to use for the card and he told me "monkeys" and so I helped him stamp a monkey and he said "two monkeys." I let him pick out of some paper I have set aside for him and he liked these animals. Then I asked him if he wanted a blue or green card base, he picked green. Then he went into my embellishments and picked out some bling, ALL on his own. He is SOOOOO much like me! Clearly, he's been watching what I do.

Anyhow, Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. Awesomeness Brady!! Your Mom is teaching you early....very nice Ashley!!!

  2. This is just absolutely adorable!!

  3. i lik monkes to hugs emma

    Hey Brady, what a great great card you made there! M and I are sooo proud of you! You are learning from your mommy. Great job with the sparkles!!!!

  4. Brady, such a fabulous card!!!!! You did a great job!!

  5. What a cutie and cute card too! :)