Saturday, September 18, 2010

Clueless Couponer (Post #1)

About two weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to learn how to coupon. We have a family of four now. The food costs are rather high and saving money is always a good thing. We have quite a bit of debt, not too much income, and there are simple things that I'd like to afford that are not currently in the budget like preschool for my tot or recreational classes for the kids like swimming, martial arts, or music.

Anyhow, I figure short of getting a job (not sure how much money that would bring in with child care costs) the only way to more money is to spend less. That and I love a good challenge. I'm starting small in hopes that I won't burn out or get too confused. So, I'm hoping to have a post once or twice a week about my progress. Granted, I've clipped a coupon here and there before. I've saved maybe $10-$15 on a shopping trip but I would like to REALLY coupon. :)

Here's my first real trip. It's not much. And I'm still buying things that we REALLY like and haven't become completely disregarding of brands yet. We'll see how it goes.
I got:
Dreyer's Ice Cream $2.99 (on sale, no coupon)
Mrs Refro's Salsa $4.19 (I know it's REALLY pricy but it's the BEST we've ever had and we try to use it sparingly)
Round Eye Roast $4.34 ($5 off coupon)
Foster Farms Chicken Breast Tenders $2.59 ($5 off coupon)
Roma tomatoes $.23 (on sale for $.47 a pound)
Belpastry Maple Pecan bars FREE (with coupon)

The receipt said I saved $17.55 or 55%. I tried to find smaller amount of meat but they were pretty well picked over.


  1. I think you did well! It's an art and a science for sure!

  2. Good Luck Ashley. I used to coupon all the time but found myself buying stuff we didn't really need just because I had a coupon. I have been thinking of trying again and being stricter on myself so you might inspire me to do it.

  3. I was a hard core couponer for several years and seriously, it can save you lots. I found my savings were better on the hygiene side than the food side... I didn't have to go over to the hygiene section at walmart for 2 years because I was stocked with free items from CVS and Walgreens. I've had to back off b/c 3 kids is too many for me to handle in the stores, but I'll go back to it again soon! Good luck!

  4. Good luck with your new challenge! Two boys definitely increase the food bill by a lot. I'm worried about what the cost is going to be when they're teenagers! :) I don't use coupons much but I try to keep a good eye on what's on sale and stock up when there are really great deals. I look forward to hearing about your coupon adventures! :) You may want to check out some online coupon sites...I've heard you can find lots of great deals through those.

  5. HOOOOORAY for you couponing! SO FUN! You did an AMAZING job:) So wish I was there with you:) It is super fun to shop with a friend (and swap coupons!). Keep us posted!!

  6. Yay! I try to do this too. We have some dietary needs that make it hard to save a ton on food, but I keep trying. Glad to have someone doing it too!

  7. Check out.....
    Lots of printable coupons and more there!

  8. WOW! Over half your bill is pretty darned amazing, IMO.

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  10. Good job!! :) I love to coupon and save a considerable amount each month on our food bill. The trick is to only use coupons on stuff you will actually use. Check out then click "earn" then in the sidebar click "clip boxtops" then again click "coupons". They have new coupon offers each month and you can pick and choose the ones you want! Happy saving! :)

  11. Hello fellow coupon'er. i would highly suggest I have been a member for years and save enormous amounts of money by following their weekly "lists". Good luck!