Sunday, September 26, 2010

Clueless Couponer (Post #2)

Hello friends! My couponing is progressing, slowly but surely. I did my first CVS trip this last week. It didn't go as well as it could have. I need to watch those cashiers more carefully. It wasn't that awesome, so I didn't take pictures. I've also been using coupons here and there for items.

I do have a grocery trip to Raley's to share with you though. Here's the picture:

I got:
1 pack sunflower seeds
1 Dr Pepper
1 Rice Vinegar
1 Newman's Own Dressing
2 Apple Juice concentrates
1 pack Sara Lee deli roll
1 pack Sunmaid Raisin Bread
1 box pudding mix
4 gourmet cupcakes
4 bananas
5 ears of corn
1 bag Caesar salad kit
2 Cucumbers
2 packs strawberries
1 pack grape tomatoes
1 nail clipper
1 pack Jim Morrel ham
1 block cheddar cheese
1 pack sushi
1 Arizona Iced Tea (not picture b/c well I drank it in the car)

Regular Price would be: $71.58
I spent: $34.75
Savings: 51%

Here are a couple of the GREAT coupons/deals I had:
$10 off a $50 purchase
4 free cupcakes with $20 purchase
1 free Dr Pepper with $10 purchase
1/2 off salad kit
$1 off Jim Morrel Ham
BOGO free strawberries


  1. Sounds like you are learning fast and saving lots of money. How many hours are you doing the coupon clipping and organizing and is it worth the time?

  2. That's better than i do at the grocery store! Good job!

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  4. HOOOOOOOOOORAY! Looks great! You are doing a fab job! Keep clipping and keep looking! You rock:)

  5. You are doing great! Inspiring! Its amazing the stories I have heard on how much people can save! It takes time and patience but so worth it when you have a family! I will mail that binder to you this WEEK!