Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Pics!

Hello friends! A few people have mentioned that they wanted to see Halloween pictures of the kids and let me tell you, I'm one to oblige. I mean, seriously! A chance to post pictures of my kids? I'm gonna do it.

Ok, so if you remember the kids' Mario Party, you know that Super Mario Brothers is big in our house. Of course, the kids had to be Mario characters. In fact, the whole family was going to go as Mario characters but we ran out of time and money so it was just the kids.

Brady's costume is just bought off the shelf. I was going to piece it together for him but I think that's only cost effective if he was going to wear the pieces again. And I really don't think he'd wear overalls anymore so I went with this costume. It was $19. It did come with a mustache but Brady got into that and kind of messed it up. We figured he'd do better with a drawn on one, so that's what we did. That would be eyeliner.

I did put together Parker's costume. There was a costume for Toad online but it only included the hat and vest so I decided to go a different way. We bought a white shirt and khakis (which he'll wear again and again.) The vest was made by my friend Amy. She's AMAZING! I just bought the felt and the trim and she just MADE UP a pattern! She made this in like 20 minutes and it's WAY better than what I would have gotten in the costume kit.

Now, I have to tell you about the hat. I got it off Etsy from a shop called Jennifer by Design. I was LATE buying this hat since everything on Etsy is handmade. I went to Jennifer's shop and bought a Mario mushroom hat. I figured people would get the point. After I bought it, I asked her if she could leave the eyes off the hat since Parker would be Toad and not a mushroom. She went ABOVE and beyond what I asked for! She reversed the colors so it would be more like Toad's hat. She made bigger dots than her usual. She changed the shape of the beanie so it was more like a mushroom than a skull cap. I think I did a little dance when it arrived! It was BEYOND perfect! So, if you're looking for a hat for your little one, this is the shop to go to!
And because I don't play favorites, here's another picture of Brady. This is at a Halloween party we went to. The mask was at the arts and crafts area. Isn't that sweet?! We had a great time at the party!

Alright, enough of me rambling! Have a great night everyone!


  1. Those two are so adorable ... really adorable ... my son was Thomas and Friends ... I think Percy

  2. oh my Ash.. they are just too cute. love the costumes.

  3. I commented on FB but had to say again how CA-UTE the boys are! Too adorable! And that hat ROCKS!