Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Like Ewe!

Hi friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday! We had a busy day! We had brunch with close friends of ours who are Parker's Godparents. They are visiting from Southern California and sadly, that's the only time we got to see them this summer. Then we went to the Bay Area Discovery Museum if you have young children, this is a MUST! It was SO fun! We got there 3 hours before they closed and didn't even get to do everything before we had to leave. I would plan on spending the WHOLE day there and just pack a lunch! Then we had dinner at Amici's (pizza) and ice cream at Fenton's (a bay area favorite, you might know it from the movie UP.)

I just wanted to show a project today. I've seen quite a few pixie stick holders done before but I thought "Make it flat, add ribbon and turn it into a bookmark!" Honestly, I spend SO much time on these projects and it kills me to just see them thrown away. I thought if it was versatile, like a bookmark, a child might keep it and use it. :) I still need to do a tutorial on this. Seriously, I NEED a new iPhone. Mine doesn't do video.
Here's my project. I used my Lawn Fawn Critters on the Farm set, super cute! I think this set is really versatile. I paired it with some Bo Bunny paper. This would be great for Valentine's. That's what I meant it for, but if you changed up the paper, it would be a REALLY fun party favor for a farm birthday party.

Have a great day!


  1. What a lovely creation! I may just need to copy this for a future project! Great job, missy! And, that does sound like a wonderful day! We haven't been to that museum so I gotta put that on my list!

  2. I just love this pixie stick holder. The kids will just love them.

  3. What a fun project!!! I see thses being great for teacher appreciation day too!!! great work!

  4. So cute! And I really need to hit up the Bay area discovery museum too!