Saturday, August 6, 2011

My First CHA Projects

Hi friends! Today, I'm sharing a couple pictures from CHA-S in Chicago. I didn't get to go this year BUT it was the first time that some of my projects were shown off and I have some pictures for you! :) Ok, I've been holding on to these pictures for a really long time. I have no idea why. These pictures are from the Love My Tapes booth.

This first picture is from Flickr. I kind of stole it. Umm, I'm sorry person on Flickr but thanks for the photo! :) The blue layout is mine. The card below it with the teddy bear is mine and the card next to that with the doll is also mine. :)
This second picture is from my friend Kelly. She was kind enough to take it for me. :) Thanks Kelly!
Have a great day everyone!