Friday, January 6, 2012

30 Before 30

Hi friends! Did you know that last Saturday I turned 29? Yup! I've seen these 30 Before 30 lists a lot on the internet and really wanted to make one starting about 6 months ago. Alas, I procrastinated. I wrote my list up the day after I turned 29 and let me tell you, it's gonna make for a really fun year.

Without further ado, here's a list of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30 on Dec 31, 2012.

1. Read 30 books.
I love to read by often push it aside because I don't have time. This year, I really want to put aside more time for reading because I enjoy it so very much.

2. Send 30 "just because" cards.
I make SO many cards each year. SO MANY. And I never send them. I have piles stacking up and designing so much has taken away from the reason I started making cards, to make people happy. I wanted to make cards that were like a hug for someone's heart. Well, they can't really do that by sitting on my shelf now can they?

3. Lose 30 pounds.
I have a lot more than 30 pounds to lose but I figured I would start somewhere. My desire is not to be thin, just more healthy.

4. Go on a family trip.
We've only gone on a few trips as a family and none of them have been what I want for us. I want a memorable family trip where we can relax and enjoy.

5. Try 10 new restaurants.
I love food! I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone. We do get stuck in a rut though, going to the same places over and over again.

6. Learn to use my sewing machine.
That I got for Christmas...last year...that still lives in the box.

7. Get 6 projects published.
I love being published! I'm not gonna lie. I get excited every time I see my name in print. I didn't want to put too much pressure on myself. I think 6 is a good number.

8. Go wine tasting.
I've NEVER been. I live really close to wine country. Though I'm not super into wine, I really want to do this. And eat cheese! Mmmm!

9. Complete a 30 day "no buy"
I am constantly buying things. I LOVE new things! But we have so much and I need to use what I've got and rediscover the things I already own.

10. Start and maintain a skin care routine.
I'm not getting any younger people! ;) Honestly, I've really started to see some changes to my skin in the last few months and I feel a strong urge to try to keep my skin looking younger.

11. Keep a journal.
I have lots of thoughts, ideas, plans, goals, etc... I would love to journal them. I'm HORRIBLE at keeping a journal but maybe I can turn that around.

12. Make 30 new recipes.
Again, we get stuck in a rut when it comes to food. I really want to introduce my kids to new flavors and change up our dinner menu.

13. Project 365 -iPhone only.
The first time I tried Project 365, I lost sight of WHY I wanted to do it. I got caught up in lens, editing, taking artsy photos, etc... The REASON I want to do Project 365 is so that I remember to take pictures. So that it's a habit and I captured the memories.

14. Throw a dinner party.
I've had a dinner party or two in my time. BEFORE kids. I used to love to entertain, perhaps I can rekindle that.

15. Purge 30 bags of stuff.
I'm a pack rat. I'm a pack rat that loves to buy new things. It's bad. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't end up on an episode of Hoarders.

16. Finish a scrapbook.
It's probably going to be a small one. Maybe my December Daily, which I've made ONE page for. Gah! I can do it!

17. Save up and buy myself something expensive.
I've decided on a new (to me) Macbook. I never treat myself to anything that costs more that $20. I have no problem saving up $100 to buy my kids the Kinect but I really try to pinch pennies when it comes to myself. This is gonna be a hard one!

18. Get a spa treatment at a real spa.
Not a cheapy nail salon. No a pedicure at home. Not a haircut at Supercuts. Not a 5 minute thing at a craft fair. A REAL treatment at a real spa.

19. Dress up 30 times. No jeans, t-shirts, sweats, hoodies, or sneakers.
I used to dress up. I used to wear nice clothes to work. Then I became a stay at home mom and sweats and t-shirts became a uniform for me. I'm not even sure I have the clothes to dress up! Yikes!

20. Go see a play.
I love theater! Absolutely adore it! I think it's been a minimum of FIVE years since I've seen a play. :( How sad is that?

21. Get professional pictures, alone.
No hiding behind my family. I really badly need headshots done for all my design work but I am never happy with how I look. This is more than just getting my picture taken, it's working on my confidence as well.

22. Go to a festival.
There is so much that I want to experience. So much culture that I'd like to be emerged in. I don't think I take full advantage of what a melting pot of a community I live in. I need to be out there in it.

23. Take my kids fruit picking, not in our yard.
Growing up, we used to go to local orchards and pick our own fruit. It was such a great time and we made a whole day out of it, picnicking and taking pictures. Ideally, I want to take my kids to Apple Hill.

24. Make 30 things from Pinterest.
I love that site! I get stuck in creative ruts and make what I know. Well, I need to make what's on Pinterest instead. ;)

25. Sell my cards in a store.
Gulp! I'm nervous a approach stores. Really nervous.

26. Buy and wear a pair of heels.
I used to do this all the time. But now I don't even have a pair of heels that fit. I couldn't even wear heels if I wanted to right now.

27. Get a Parker inspired tattoo.
I have one for Brady. Parker is 2.5 years old. Pretty soon he'll notice.

28. Take pictures of every major holiday.
I used to love taking pictures. Then I spent a while working in photography and it killed my love of taking pictures. I need to get that love back. I need to capture these memories for my kids.

29. Take my boys on 1-on-1 dates, 3 each.
I think I neglect that sometimes my kids need me all to themselves. No distractions.

30. Research adoption and decide.
This is a big one. It's something I've been wanting to do for a really long time but life always got in the way of "finding the right time." Though it might not be the right time yet, I need to get information and really think on it.

Bonuses: learn to organize (I'm hopeless!), ride a train (not around a zoo/amusement park)

There you have it. A lot of reclaiming who I once was. A lot of starting over. A lot of trying to create some joyful memories. Wish me luck!


  1. I started a 30 before 30 and well, 30 is 4 months away for me and I still haven't accomplished much on my list. Mostly because the hubby went back to school this year, and he's working, and I am still doing my business part time, and homeschooling.....and the list goes on. I really am trying to make time for it but it's incredibly hard. I need to revisit it and see what I can check off soon!

  2. Girl, you can do it! You and I have so much in common!! I wish you well! They are attainable goals and a lot intertwine with the others! Good-luck!

  3. What a great list--I really thought about doing something like this...but I will be 31 this year. Not sure 30 before 31 works! LOL! Hope you had a great birthday:) MUCH love!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ooo, inspiring! I'm turning 30 this year, too! :P