Sunday, July 22, 2012

Book Review: Operation: Endgame

Hi friends!  I hope you're having a wonderful day!  I'm doing ok.  It's just getting really hot around here and I'm so uncomfortable.  But I'm hoping this hot weather will help knock out my cough which seems to pop up more when it's cold out.  Here's hoping!

Today, I have something very different for you.  I'm going to share a book review.  It's a little stamp related because my stampy friend Christi Snow wrote this book.  Christi and another stampy friend Amy C really introduced me to the world of romance novels and I'm so glad they did!  I deal with a lot in my life and it's nice to get swept up in a nice steamy novel.  I also learned that romance novels are smart, well written, well developed, witty, and just plain awesome.  Like every other genre, there are amazing authors and ones that could use improvement.  ;)  But enough chit chat, let's talk about the book.  

I read a lot of romance but not usually Romantic Suspense and the reason I'm going to start reading more is Operation: Endgame.  There was a lovely balance of action and romance.  I loved both the main characters, Jake and Cassie.  They were both strong, well developed, and likable.  The combo of these two was something I found myself rooting for.  I enjoyed the fact that they had a long history that showed that great romance can blossom over time.  I find the whirlwind love stories in most romance novels a little far fetched.  The flashbacks really helped to reveal their story and give us insight into these two awesome characters.  The sex was sizzling, descriptive, and I just wish there was a lot more of it!

The action and suspense in this story really kept me turning the pages.  I was kept guessing and I really love when a book isn't too obvious.  The foreshadowing was so subtle and the attention to detail impressive.  I appreciated the complex villain as well as the likable supporting cast, they added a lot of dimension to this book.  Overall, I found this book extremely well written, the pacing was nice, the characters were well developed, and I really enjoyed that I didn't see the twists coming.  This book left me wanting more and I can't wait for the next book!

Now, that was my HONEST review as an avid reader.  I kept trying to find things in this book I didn't like and my only complaint was I wish there was more sex.  But that's just me.  ;)

Onto the FRIEND part of this post.  There's not much I value more in life than people working hard to fulfill their dreams.  I am so incredibly proud of Christi!  I think it's incredibly inspiring that she's made her dream come true and showed the world her amazing talent.  To find out more about Christi as an author, check out her Christi Snow (Author) Facebook Page.  If you'd like to buy her book, you can do so HERE or you can wait until Sept when the book comes out for E-readers.  I do hope you'll check her out because I think she's doing something really amazing here.


  1. Aww, Ashley!! <3 OMG, thank you for this. I'm so glad that you liked the book, but I'm even more happy to have you as a friend. <3 Love you, girly!! smiles...

  2. What an awesome review (and tribute)!

  3. Can't wait for it to be available on kindle, definitely one I want to read!