Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Oct CARDS Mag Publication and Please Donate!

Hi friends!  I hope that you are doing well!  We have been having a pretty good day however I think that the fact that it is getting dark early is making my children crabby earlier in the day.  What can you do?  Perhaps I should just put them to bed right after dinner.  ;)

Today, I'm sharing a card I had published in the CARDS Magazine October 2012 issue.  This card was featured in the Simple Sentiments section.  For a supply list and directions on how to make this card, please check out the issue.

I also wanted to mention that I have friends in the North Eastern United States that are really suffering right now.  People are without electricity, clean water, shelter, and many other necessities.  Meanwhile, another storm has rolled in bringing snow with it.  While we don't have a whole lot of money, we have a little so we decided to donate.  If you'd like to donate, here's a simple way.
Have a great day, friends! 

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