Thursday, December 13, 2012

The DIY-er's Gift Guide

Hi friends!  My friend Heather of Glitter and Gloss has an annual Holiday Gift Guide series on her blog.  I submitted my gift guide to her and she's going to feature it!  This is my first time making something like this so I hope you all enjoy it, find it helpful, and maybe show it to your family as a little hint, hint!  ;)

DIYer's Gift Guide by Ashley from Heart Hugs Designs:

1. Whisker Graphics Divine Twine The Sweet Dozen - I think every crafter loves baker's twine!  Wrap things up with it, use it on your paper crafts, make pom-poms, make tassels, etc...  The possibilities are endless.
2. Project Life Kit -  Project Life is a fun and innovative way to scrapbook all your memories.  It's simple and a great way to recharge your scrapbooking batteries if you're burned out on traditional scrapbooking.  I'd like the baby edition but there are many different ones to choose from.  
3. Silhouette Cameo - This fabulous die cut machine can cut through paper, vinyl, fabric, etc...  You can design your own die cuts on your computer or buy the designs you want from the Silhouette store or many other places online.  
4. 6 Opening Photoclip Frame - This would work great as a visual inspiration board with magazine clippings, sketches, fabric swatches or other design ideas.  Or it could be used for displaying projects that you've made.  
5. Glass Bird Canisters - These gorgeous jars are the perfect way to store your lovely craft supplies.  Apothecary jars with a twist.  Be still my heart.  
6. Fujifilm Instax - This fabulous instant camera prints mini pictures that are perfect for crafting with!  You can use this in a Photo Booth at an event, make place cards, have little pictures for your scrapbook, and so much more.
7. Custom Stamp Gift Box from Paper Source - Every DIYer needs a custom stamp!  Either to use on your products, to make business cards, to stamp on your packaging, or anywhere else you can think of. This fun gift set comes with a gift certificate for a CUSTOM stamp plate so the recipient can find a style that suits them.
8. The WorkBox from The Original ScrapBox - Let's dream big for a moment shall we?  For just $1500, you can get the ULTIMATE storage and work area.  Small drawers for everything and it closes up nice and neat.  


  1. LOVE your gift guide...want want want it all!!!

  2. Awesome! You did a great job, Ashley! I personally want #3 so bad I can TASTE it!!! Hopefully Santa will be nice. I've been real good.