Monday, September 2, 2013

Mani Monday: Jamberry Review and Giveaway

Hi friends!  I hope you are having an amazing day and long weekend!  We are doing pretty good.  The boys are spending lots of time with our parents this weekend so D and I can have a break.  I'm not gonna lie, I was getting burnt out.  Last night, D and I went on our FOURTH date since Avery's been born.  So, in the last 8 months, I've gotten to spend alone time with my husband 4 times.  But I'm sure that's more than some people get so I shouldn't complain.  Today, we are having a family day.  I don't know what's on the agenda.

This is my current manicure.   I love love love it!  It's Ombre Polka from Jamberry.  If you haven't heard of Jamberry, they are nail wraps made from a non-toxic material.  You apply them with heat (I use a blow dryer) and there's no dry time.  They last 10-14 days and they don't chip.
 My first manicure lasted about 10 days BUT it was my first time doing it and I didn't clean or buff my nails before.  I also didn't have the application kit the first time which I used on my latest manicure and I really liked that too.  It helped my smooth out the bumps you see here on my first try.
I've also tried Jamberry for just an accent.  There are so many fun designs to choose from that it's really easy to match up nail polishes if you just want to use them for an accent nail.
Overall, I love the Jamberry wraps!  I've been using them for about a month now.  The main reason I'm using them is this thumb nail below.  :(  I'm so upset about it!  It's not broken all the way though it looks like it is.  The right side is on pretty good still.  I've been using the Jamberry wraps to protect my nail as it grows out.  This is roughly 3000 times better than using a bandaid.  I kept bumping things or having things go under my bandaid.  The Jamberry is keep my nail held together so it doesn't rip anymore.  
I did get some free items for hosting a party last month so I did want to mention that.  However, I did not get those free things for writing a review.  My friend and I hosted a fun nail party and they were my hostess perks.  I love the Jamberry wraps so much, I contacted Carol (my consultant) about doing a review and giveaway and a blog/online party.  

PARTY: I currently have an online Jamberry Party open.  If you order from this link, I will receive hostess credit for well hosting the party.  ;)  The new catalog released YESTERDAY so there are tons of new designs to choose from!

GIVEAWAY 1: Everyone who orders from my party will be entered to win 2 sheets of Jamberry wraps.  That's a $30 value people!!  Just be sure to use the link about.  This is ONLY through Carol and only for this party.  

Giveaway 2: One person will win a large assortment (10-15) of these sample application sheets that are perfect for accent nails.  Just leave a comment letting me know which Jamberry design is your favorite. This picture is NOT what you will win.  You will win LOTS more and the designs will vary.  The photo is just to give you an example of what the sample sheets look like.  
Giveaway will close Sept 16 and winner will be drawn by Random.Brady or Random.Parker, depending on their random.moods.  :D   


  1. OHHH I would SOOOO love to give these a try. Needless to say with my super duper busy it's a miracle I remember to brush my teeth happenings at home you can only imagine what my poor nails look like Funny thing is that since I'm still taking my prenatal pills my nails are the longest they have EVER been but also the ugliest Ha... OK enough rambling. I really love the Venus it's got that cute ombre pink that I am loving right now.. ok,ok I am loving everything pink right now.. hmm wonder why Ha.. Thanks for the chance.

  2. I never heard of Jamberry until you had your show. I'm curious about them but am on the fence. I love what you did with your's! I rarely paint my nails anymore because they just chip from all the cleaning and dishes I have to do. :/

  3. I had never heard of them until you. I would really like to try them out as I have an awful time with nail polishes chipping. And don't even get me start on my nail and how they peel & split.

  4. My favorite is Purple Primrose.

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your thumbnail. I hadn't heard about Jamberry till I saw it on your instagram pictures. The polka dot ones on your nail look soooooo cool.