Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy Birthday, JLK!

Today would have been Jennifer Lynn Kranz's 7th birthday.  But she is forever 6.  I wanted to share a message her mom, Libby Kranz, sent out in the Unravel Newsletter.

Tomorrow is Jennifer's birthday... The first of far too many we will have to endure without her. Tomorrow also marks one year since I became a cancer mom. A year ago today, I had no clue that just 3.5 months later my daughter would be gone.
Tony and I decided to take our 3 youngest out of town. To do something "for them because of her." We invite you to do the same tomorrow. The "them" is up to you, and the options are endless! It can be your kids or your neighbor. It can be the person behind you in line at Starbucks or your entire office.

I truly believe the things we can do "for them because of her" can change our world.

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What kind of beautiful, wonderful, kind, and special things will you do to pay tribute to JLK?  Today, for me, is a reminder that we need to have those FUN FUN FUN days because we will never know when things will be cut short.  I have a couple ideas for things to do with my kids and a couple of people I would like to do nice things for.  I hope you will be inspired to go out and do something FOR THEM BECAUSE OF HER.  

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