Sunday, May 1, 2016

Small Business Week 2016

Hi friends!  I hope you are well!  We are doing pretty good, just busy busy busy!  School is almost over for this year and I can't believe it!  My weekends are booking up super far in advance but other than that, we are great!  

Brazzlebox, a free online community for small business and entrepreneurs, created an image about Small Business Week and why it's better to shop local.  I have no affiliation with this company but love the image that they created so I wanted to share it with you.  I'm trying to do my best to support more small businesses and that's a huge focus on my EatingElkGrove Instagram.  

Currently, I have a home based business as a consultant with Just Jewelry.  Though I haven't pursued it as much lately, having the Just Jewelry business really benefits my family.  I am able to work flexible hours so that I can be home with my kids.  I can even work online.  Also, through having my Just Jewelry website I am able to do offer fundraisers to my friends all around the country and everyone can shop from their homes.  I am able to donate my earnings from parties which is much more than I can afford to donate on my own.  

My Just Jewelry business really allows me to better BE the person I want to be.  I can stay home with my kids and bring in a little income.  I can help my friends out with fundraisers for their adoptions, their medical bills, their children's medical bills, and other amazing causes.  

Try to support small business this week!  You are helping families and your own community.  

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