Thursday, December 8, 2016

Dressember Week 1 - Featuring ALL Lularoe Dresses

Hi friends!  I hope you are doing well!  I'm doing alright.  It's starting to get cold here.  And by cold I mean by my California standards which is 40-50 degrees F.  I know that's not very cold to other people but I'm chilly!

As promised, I'm doing updates on my Dressember fundraiser.  After week 1, I've raised $56.  My goal is $500 which I don't think I'll make.  I will be adding my own donation after the event is over.  I feel like fundraiser is rough because the topic is so serious yet I feel like most people think that Dressember is just a parade of dresses for fun.  Either way, I hope that I can spread some awareness.

Dec 1 - Lularoe Carly with leggings and flip flops

Dec 2 - Lularoe Carly with leggings, a cardigan, and boots

Dec 3 - Lularoe Nicole with leggings and flip flops.  I think Avery's dress is from Gap.

Dec 4 - Lularoe Amelia with booties

Dec 5 - Lularoe Nicole with leggings and boots

Dec 6 - Lularoe Ana with flip flops and a black purse

Dec 7 - I was so tired.  Lularoe Carly with leggings and slipper socks

 If you'd like to make a donation to Dressember to help end human trafficking, please do so here:  Thank you!


  1. I want to thank you for giving me enough confidence to try lularoe and I love it I absolutely love it there were so many negative comments towards larger people wearing head and I read your blog tried it & loved it so I want to thank you and your blog helped so many people I m going to try want I want not listening to who have who think we all should look one way

    1. You are so so welcome! I've had to deal with this so much and it pulls at my heart to read your comment. I hope that you will find the clothes to give you the confidence to say to yourself "I think I look nice and that's all that matters." I'm sending you a virtual hug!