Wednesday, August 2, 2017

BBQ Pork Sliders and The EASIEST Pulled Pork Recipe EVER

I was roaming through my local farmers market and few weeks ago when a guy asked me if I wanted to try some BBQ sauce.  Honestly, it's kind of a weird thing to sample.  I've been given BBQ on bread and some by itself (are you supposed to shoot it?) but this sample was given to me on a chip and it was genius!  You know, because they actually make BBQ chips at the store.  That's how I got introduced to Nasty Sauce.  We decided to collaborate on this blog post.  (I received a complimentary bottle of sauce to try out but as always all the opinions are my own.  Affiliate links used as well.)

Listen, I'm not cool enough usually to be up on the slang and Nasty Sauce might not be something I normally gravitate to but that would be SAD.  This sauce is delicious!  It has a great balance of sweet, tangy, savory, and a little kick of spice.  Plus founder Naashon K Corbett is a really nice guy too and if I hadn't stopped at the booth, I would have missed out on all of that!

I decided to make a slider with BBQ pulled pork.  (If you don't eat pork, you could also make this with pulled chicken!)  Here's how to make super EASY and flavorful pulled pork.  I learned this recipe from my friend Lisa and we've been making it for years.  I use this pork for everything i.e. salads, quesadillas, tacos, sandwiches, rice bowls, etc...

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork:
1 Pork Rump Roast (or shoulder)
1 Head of Garlic
Papi's Seasoning (or seasoned salt of your choice)

1. Sprinkle Papi's (or seasoned salt of your choice) all over pork roast.  Place in slow cooker.  I like to using a disposable slow cooker liner for easy clean up.
2. Peel entire head of garlic and put all the whole peeled cloves in the slow cooker with the meat.
3. Cook on low for 6-8 hours.  Shred pork with forks.

To make the BBQ Pork Sliders:
1. Toss pulled pork with some Nasty Sauce until it's coated to your liking.
2. Put pork on a Hawaiian Sweet Roll.
3. Top with bagged slaw.  I added this just for crunch and health.  I did not dress my slaw so I could taste the flavor from the pork.

Let me know if you make this recipe!  The pork is perfect for meal prep since you can use it for a couple family meals during the week!

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  1. I loooveee Pulled Pork sandwiches- definitely have to try this recipe!

  2. Omg. I am in love. Thank you for the support, Fantastic recipe. Definitely one for the books. Your too awesome!!!!!

  3. Awesomeness. I'm in love!!!! Thank you for he support, your totally awesome. Love the recipe, I will try your sliders. Great story.

  4. This looks so delicious! I love pulled pork!

  5. I love me some pulled pork!!! Now I can make my own *woot woot*