Friday, September 22, 2017

Healthy Snacks for On the Go

School is in full swing and between pick up, drop off, errands, dance classes, and martial arts, I can barely get a break.  Is anyone else feeling like that right now?  Today, I'm sharing what I put in my on the go snack bag because no one likes a hangry mommy.

I try to keep healthier snacks in the car or my purse to keep me.  I also try to have self stable options that I can carry around so that I don't have to worry about bringing an ice pack or finding a fridge.  Also, I am one of the clumsiest people you'll ever meet do I try to find things that are sturdy because having smashed banana all over your phone isn't very fun.  I also try to keep snacks that I can hand to my kids too because no one likes a hangry kid.

1. Beef Jerky.  Jerky is my favorite healthy snack.  Obviously, you can change that out for turkey jerky too if you'd like.  I find that protein keeps me full and satisfied.  My whole family loves it so this is our go-to road trip snack as well.  I've recently really started like "original" flavored jerky which is usually lower in sugar than the other flavors.

2. Arbonne Bars.  I think bars are the easiest, most convenient healthy snack.  I really like these Arbonne Bars because they are lower in sugar than other bars but they have lots of vegan protein and fiber.  I also like that buying these bars supports my local mom friends who sell Arbonne.

3. Eat Right Edibles Veggie Chips.  I love this brand because they are really health conscious and keep up with the current food trends!  They are also a local company.  They never add artificial dyes to their products.  This chip bag contains sweet potato (yellow and purple), squash, taro, carrot, and green beans.  I feel like some times I just need a crunchy snack and these fit the bill for me.

4. Almonds.  I live in what feels like the almond capital of the world which is lucky because they are my favorite nut!  Often times I will pick up almonds at my local farmers market or sometimes I'll pick something up at the store like these Hog Wild cajun almonds.  I LOVE spicy almonds!  I love spicy flavors AND it usually makes me drink more water so it's a win win.  Sometimes I'll have lightly salted almonds and sometimes I treat myself to the chocolate ones too.

What kind of snacks do you like when you're on the go?  Do you also feel like you run a taxi service for small children who never tip you?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. I'm often trying to find healthy snacks, thanks for sharing. Those almonds sound delicious!

  2. I'm often looking for healthy snack ideas, thanks for sharing. Those almonds sound tasty!

  3. I always am looking for new EASY snacks on the go...these are perfect!!

  4. I love spicy almonds too. The veggie chips look awesome - I'll have to look out for those. We stay away from all those unnatural ingredients too :)

  5. Almonds are the best! I always have good intentions with apples or bananas, but I either end up wasting them or bruising them to death haha. Larabars are amazing - no added sugar at all, but they're really tasty!

  6. Such great options!! I love beef jerky, and almonds are so yummy too!

  7. I LOVE jerky but I never buy it because my husband isn't a fan. I do love those dried mango strips you can get at Costco though, those are so yummy!

  8. We love trail mix in our house. I like trying different kinds and my kids think it's a great snack as well!