Thursday, December 28, 2017

Super Affordable Full Figured Bras

It is no secret that I am a busty full figured gal.  I mean, it would really be a miracle if someone hadn't noticed.  LOL!  Being well endowed comes with a plethora of issues like back pain, trying to find the right length necklace, laying down on your front, and so much more.  (Like where do I cross my arms if I'm angry?  Over?  Under? On top?  I don't know.)  One of my biggest issues is finding a bra especially an affordable bra.  (Scroll down for giveaway info!)

When you're bigger, finding a bra is a chore.  For years, full figured bras lacked in cuteness.  They looked industrial.  They looked like something a grandma would wear.  Say goodbye to pretty flowers, rhinestones, unlined mesh, and basically anything pretty.  Which is so sad when you're a young woman who wants to feel confident in her undergarments!  This seems to be slowly changing in the plus industry.  

Beyond the appearance of the bra was the hefty price tag!  Full figured bras are usually at least $50 each for plain solid color bras with no frills or thrills.  If you want a cute print or lace or special back smoothing technology, it came at an additional cost.  I have friends who were skimping on bras and giving themselves back and breast pain because they didn't want to pay the huge price tag.  

Thankfully, us busty girls now have a solution!  DreamFit bras available at Walmart!  Now, I know what you're thinking and this is not your Walmart bra of yesteryear!  I've tried those ones and these are nothing like that!  The DreamFit bras are thoughtfully made offering a few different styles including one that can go strapless.  They also have cute designs like stripes, lace, and floral!  They also go to a triple D in store which is usually a challenge for me.  Best of all, they retail for $11.44!  I actually got mine on sale for $8!!!  My mind was blown!  

Display at Walmart
I picked the DreamFit Deep Plunge since I like more of a demi cup.  I find this cut best if you have a variety of necklines in your wardrobe.  I also liked that it had a touch of lace for added femininity.  Of course I had to select the floral print since for so long all I had was beige, black, and white.  The bra is comfortable!  The straps have a nice width to them.  It offers a nice amount of support.  This is a great everyday kind of bra!  

I find it so important that things like bras are becoming more accessible to plus sized women!  We deserve pretty bras with nice prints too!  And we also deserve to get a good deal.  Not everyone has $50 to drop per bra.  I appreciate having lower cost options especially since you're supposed to replace your bras every six months!  

DreamFit is giving 4 gift cards to Walmart worth $250.  Plus 10 other winners will receive a DreamFit bra of their choice.  ENTER HERE!  Good luck!

I decided that it was important for you all to see the bra on so you can see the fit.  I don't usually do bra pictures so I tried to find comfortable ways for me to show you.  I also wanted to show you the bra on with a t-shirt over it since I'm gonna guess that is how most people will want to wear it.  But you know, you do you.  

Top: Forever 21+ | Skirt: Lularoe Madison | Necklace: Just Jewelry
Shirt: Torrid | Jacket: Charlotte Russe | Leggings: Walmart 

I hope you guys found this info as useful as I did!  I love knowing about options especially lower cost ones.  

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  1. You do you... **snickers** yep I to wear a t-shirt over my bra (and right now a longsleeved shirt and a hoodie b/c #michiganiscold).

  2. That's so great, Walmart really has some awesome stuff at affordable prices.

  3. And had no idea that Walmart had bras for plus size women. Thank you !

  4. I love a good bra, one that provides support but it still pretty.