Monday, March 26, 2018

In Case You Haven't Heard: My New Project

Hi friends!  I am soooooo excited to tell you about my brand new project.  It's called Real on the Fly Podcast.  I am hosting this podcast with my friend Heather of Do You Know Heather Frick.  We decided to create a podcast together to try to talk about real issues while adding humor.  We will be talking about real issues like body positivity, social dynamics with friends, being your authentic self, and so much more.

Heather and I have been doing live videos and Instagram stories together for a while.  We have a certain kind of chemistry that I've never experienced with another person.  We have a rhythm, a timing that I don't have with anyone else.  There's just this feeling of complete safety where I feel like we can speak really openly about issues.  I've often joked that we should have our own TV show.  My friends over at SacFoodies suggested that we try having a podcast and I thought it was the best idea ever!

It's taken us months to get everything together for this podcast.  (Huge shout out to everyone who bought from our closet sale!)  We are definitely still learning but we hope that we will get better over time.  We hope to build a community of people who want to connect and talk about this issues.  We'd love to hear what you have to say.  To chat with us, join our Real on the Fly Facebook Group.

Our first episode is available now on SoundCloud, iTunes, Podcast App, or on our website.  The first episode is a getting to know us episode where we tell you about ourselves, how we met, how we became friends, and what being real on the fly means to us.  I hope that you will check it out!  There's a lot of love put into this project and I really believe that this is what I'm mean to do at this moment.

You can follow along with our journey on social media:
Real on the Fly Facebook Page
Real on the Fly Instagram


  1. That is so exciting friend!!! I will be sure to check it out.

  2. Congratulations! Wishing you both all the best in this new project; it sounds like a great show!

  3. I just followed the page on Facebook and Instagram! So excited for this project!

  4. I listened to your first Podcast last night! Congrats to both of you!