Monday, March 19, 2018

Things to do for Spring Break in Sacramento Collab with Blog About It All

Hi all!  Today, I'm doing a collaboration with Jessica Briggs from Blog About it All.  We are sharing ideas for Spring Break!  We have all different ideas so be sure to check out both posts!  Also, Jessica has four boys so her list will be different than mine since only my daughter will be on Spring Break.  My boys already had a break in February.

I met Jessica through blogging, Instagram, and Facebook.  We are both from the Sacramento area so it's been fun to get to know about local mom blogger.  Jessica covers subjects like family life, budgeting, and marriage.   She does super fun stuff with her kids like go on trips and make yummy treats!  I always love seeing what they are doing over there!

As I was saying, this Spring Break is a bit different for us.  My kids have different school schedules since my boys are on year round school and my daughter is not.  My boys already had a long "off track time" so it will just be me and my daughter this Spring Break.  I'm looking forward to it since coming next school year, she will be on the same schedule as the boys.  This will be the last time we get Mommy/Daughter break time so I want it to be special.

First up, some of our tried and true favorites:

1. Imagine Play Elk Grove.  My daughter still loves Imagine Play!  Since we've last gone, they have added a brand new pirate ship.  She'll be so excited to go back to play pirates and mermaids!  Plus, she loves the hourly activities they have for the kids.  We usually bring a lunch and try to get as many hours in as possible.

Photo from Imagine Play of my daughter

2. Mani/Pedi time.  She got her first professional nail painting a couple weeks ago but she hasn't gotten a pedicure yet.  I'm not sure what all the pedicure entails for a kid but I think she'll get a big kick out of it!

3. Tuesday Discount Movies.  We love seeing movies but they are so expensive to see in the theater.  Luckily, many theaters around us have special discounts on Tuesday.  You can usually see a movie for $5 or $6 per ticket.

4.  Color Me Mine.  We've only been here once together.  Avery loves to paint so we definitely need to go back again.  The first time, she painted a plate and it had to have a self portrait on it since it was for the multicultural festival.  When we go next time, I'll get her pick her own piece and go to town.

5. Folsom Zoo Sanctuary.  This sanctuary is a cute little zoo where they have animals that would not survive in the wild due to health reasons.  They have chickens and peacocks that roam around freely.  They have a raccoon exhibit.  It's just a fun and quirky little place to hang out.  They also have a park next to the zoo where you can picnic and play at the playground.

Things we've never tried but really want to:

6. Art Beast.  This is a studio with different rooms where children can explore art.  This is gear from children under 6.  They have both indoor and outdoor areas.  They also have drop in classes where an instructor will lead the children in either music, art, or sometimes both at the same time.

7. Afternoon tea.  We've never been to a real tea house and gotten high tea.  I think my little girly girl would love to get dressed up and have a nice tea with little finger sandwiches and desserts.

8. Jelly Belly Factory.  None of the kids have been to here.  Hubby and I went once while we were dating.  They have a tour and you even get a free small bag of jelly beans on the tour.  It's fun to see all the candy and hear how it's made.

9. Daffodil Hill.  This is a ranch where there are up to 300,000 daffodils in bloom in the spring.  It's in a mountain setting and there are even animals on the ranch to see.  This year, due to odd weather conditions, I'm not sure it will be open for us to see during spring break.

10. Ice Cream.  My daughter's favorite thing in the world is ice cream!  There are so many local shops that we haven't been to yet so exploring some of those would be so fun.  Some places we have not been are Vic's, Gunther's (though we've had Gunther's ice cream at other places), and Sweet Puffs.

What will you be doing for Spring Break?  Do you have any fun ideas for us?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

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  1. Great list! I have never been to Daffodil Hill, we are going to have to check it out, thanks for sharing! Thank you for the collaboration!

  2. You really do have so much to do in your area!! That imagine play place sounds fabulous!

  3. This list has so many fun things on it! I want to live in California!! Since I don't live there I'm defiantly adding some of these places to my bucket list for our next California Trip!

  4. I've never been to Sacramento, and I heard it's awesome! This is such a good post.

  5. I have been wanting to take my kids to a Color Me Mine, so fun! And I was totally going to suggest Folsom Zoo when I saw your Facebook post!

  6. oooo! WE may be going through Sacaramento this summer! That Zoo Sanctuary sounds awesome, and so does the Daffodil Hill! I wonder if they'll still be there in May!

  7. What a fun place! Wish we lived closer...aka not on the east coast haha