Thursday, July 5, 2018

Date Your Spouse: Old Sac

Hi friends!  Summer is in full swing and let me tell you, date night is more important than ever right now!  Having my kids home full time is draining on me as a mom even though I enjoy it immensely.  It can also be trying on a marriage since when you're drained, it's hard to give more to your spouse.  This is why we are still putting a big emphasis on dates throughout the summer.

*** This post is in collaboration with Rio City Cafe and River City Rickshaw.  All opinions are 100% honest and my own.***

On the patio at Rio City Cafe
For our next date, we went to Old Sacramento to spend an afternoon.  It's funny because Old Sac is somewhere I'd go in high school or when someone is visiting town but I never think to go there anymore.  Going back now, I have a really different appreciation for Old Sac.  I love looking out at the river!  And I adore seeing the Tower Bridge!  My matured and deepened love of Sacramento really makes me see Old Sac in a new light.  If you haven't been since you were younger, I would suggest going again.

First up, we had lunch at Rio City Cafe which sits right on the river.  They have a huge beautiful patio  on a dock over the Sacramento River.  The building is designed to look like a steamship warehouse to blend in to the surroundings.  They offer farm to fork California cuisine with global influences.  A full bar and extensive wine menu are also offered at Rio City Cafe.

Obviously, if you go, you HAVE to get their famous Sourdough Cheese Loaf.  It's a round of sourdough bread that has been scored and stuffed with cheese then baked.  Then served on top of olive oil, balsamic, and red pepper flakes.  It's ooey gooey indulgent goodness!  I ordered a delicious steak salad for my lunch entree which had strawberries, pomegranate, bleu cheese and lots of other yummy toppings.  I really liked the savory sweet taste!  My hubby ordered the Garlic Chicken Pasta and commented about how huge the portion is!  Overall, it's a fabulous lunch!

Next, we took a River City Rickshaw tour.  I've seen these rickshaws before but I've never been in one.  Honestly, I thought it would be a lot like riding in a car.  It was not.  It was SO fun!  Something about the open air and the slower speed made it completely different.  People smile and wave when they see you.  It was the BEST time!  We went from Old Sac to the Capitol building and back.  Our driver Jeff was AMAZING!  He was so easy to chat with and played really fun music.

The ride was great for taking photos and videos too since you are going at bicycle speeds and not car speeds.  It gives you such a different view of the city.  You can relax and take in the sites.  I wish I could take a rickshaw literally everywhere.  You can book tours for a date, your whole family, or special occasions.  It's so fun!  They are also out at events such as Concerts in the Park.

While in Old Sac, we had to do some of the usual things that everyone does there.  They have tons of cute shops.  A crowd favorite is Evangeline's which is a novelty shop with costumes.  They have tons of fun gift type items and it's always fun to take a look around.

Old Sac is also a great place to get desserts!  They have lots of candy shops, ice cream, and even mini donuts that you can see made fresh.  We went on a hot day so I wanted a frozen treat.  I decided to seek out some Dole Whip because obviously.  We found a place called Boxcar Eats that had Dole Whip in a self serve dispenser.  Not only did they have pineapple, they also had mango Dole Whip.  We got pineapple and mango swirl because why commit to one flavor?  It was delicious!

Overall, I think Old Sac is commonly overlooked by Sacramento locals as a tourist location.  It has so much more to offer than just the Jazz Festival and Christmas show.  We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon in Old Sac and will be back soon for more dates and with our kids!  Have you been to Old Sac?  What is your favorite thing to do there?

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