Friday, April 19, 2019

Simple and Elegant Blogger Brunch

This weekend, my lovey friend Laura and I hosted some of our local mommy blogger friends for a brunch.  Laura thought it would be fun to get together to meet each other in person and have a community of support.  It can be a little lonely being a blogger when you work from your home with no coworkers and no need to leave.  While we wanted to the brunch to be beautiful, delicious and fun, we also wanted it to be easy for us to put together and not too expensive.

Disclosure: I reached out to a few brands to see if they would like their products featured at this event.  The graciously gave me free products/gift cards to purchase their product.  As always, opinions are 100% honest and my own.  Professional photos provided by Liz Lopez Photography.

We kept our decor very simple.  First off, Laura has a really beautiful house so it's easy to keep the decor streamlined.  We decided to just go with some fresh flowers.  We were SO lucky that my friend Amanda from Bloom Sacramento was going out of town and happened to be giving away some excess flowers that were just GORGEOUS!  She is a flower farmer and florist and always has the most beautiful flowers!  Laura put flowers in large vases for the dessert and coffee area and for a counter.  She put some flower in little Target Dollar Spot tiny vases for the parfait bar.  I cut off some flowers and added them to the beverage tub on top of the ice.  It's a ton of impact for minimal work and I only needed about 7-8 flowers.

Photo from Jessica of Blog About It All

Photo by Liz Lopez Photography

For the food, we used white serve ware and some baskets lined with pink tissue paper.  We bought some pretty paper plates from Target with flowers on them and some cute napkins.  We bought cute sparkly plastic wine glasses for the wine.  We also bought some Target Dollar Spot place cards to label the food items.

We were so lucky to have Grazing Cravings gift us a Grazing Platter which was the centerpiece of our brunch.  The lovely Shiella makes the most gorgeous platters ever!

Photo by Liz Lopez Photography

We were also given delicious cake pops from The Sugar Butcher.  Katelynd makes the most detailed baked goods ever and her flavors are always delicious!

Photo by Liz Lopez Photography

Laura and I provided really simple, fun, and customizable food.  We had a Parfait Bar.  We provided regular and non-dairy/vegan yogurt, regular and gluten free granola, a variety of cut up fruit, local honey, and jam.  We had clear cups and people were able to make a parfait that was perfect for their needs and preferences.  We also got croissants and dulce de leche bites from Costco for people who love carbs.
Photos from Kimi of
For drinks, we partnered with Silt Wine Co and Muddy Boot Wines.  We also provided some sparkling waters, hard cider, rose, and Diet Coke for a certain someone.

Photo by Liz Lopez Photography

First of all, I do not think that swag bags or goody bags are necessary for an event.  I think the important part is to spend time with your friends or family and have fun.  However, since this event was for blogger I wanted to allow my friends with small businesses the chance to be seen by the ladies without having the event be about sales.  We created simple bags and added in some yummy treats for the way home.

Photo by Liz Lopez Photography

The contents were: a pass for a free admission to Imagine Play Elk Grove, a soap from Birds of a Feather, stationery from Petite Papery, travel first aid kit from Grade Power Elk Grove, and a coupon from Amazing Lash Elk Grove.

Photo by Liz Lopez Photography
It was such a nice time hanging out with our friends!  Also, I think it's important to remember that not all parties need to be over the top and full of details.  It's about spending time together and enjoying your conversation.

Photo by Liz Lopez Photography

Photo by Liz Lopez Photography
Photo by Liz Lopez Photography
I hope this inspires you all to have a brunch or get together with your friends!  I think so many times we get caught up in all the things we feel like we have to do to make things nice that we psyche ourselves out.  We end up missing out on having great memories because we are afraid it will be too much time or money to put together a little party.  Have the party!  Life is too short to not celebrate lovely things like friendship!

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