Tuesday, May 19, 2009

VOTE for SHANNON and More VSN Cards

First, I'm a horrible rotten picture stealer.  Sorry Shannon, but this is too cute not to show on my blog.  Teehee!  

This is Shannon's MFT Idol project.  I REALLY REALLY REALLY would LOVE if you all would take the time to vote for her!  She's AMAZING, as you can see and very very sweet!  She spends a lot of time working on these projects and she deserves to win.  (Not just b/c this project is for me, either!)  It's not just that she's my friend, but I KNOW that she's really talented.  So, go HERE to vote!  

Alright, a little more VSN.  

Shannon's Yummy food challenge (Amuse stamps)

An Elvis color challenge (Autumn Leaves stamps)

The Bingo challenge to make a card with the grid technique (Unity Stamps)

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