Monday, January 14, 2013

New Year, New Direction, and OLW

Hi friends!  I hope you're having a great day!  We are doing ok.  I'm not getting a ton of sleep and my healing is going a little slower than I would like but everyone else is doing well.  I really need to soak in these days that Dustin has off.  It's so hard to savor these newborn moments when you're not feeling well but I'm trying.

Ok, so every couple months I get on this kick where I want to turn my blog into a lifestyle blog and then I chicken out.  I've added a couple recipes here and there.  A couple makeup/nail posts.  A couple reviews.  But every time, I always ended up coming back to cards.  When I started this blog, it was meant to be a lifestyle blog (before I even knew what that was) but it turned into a paper crafting blog.  My original intention was to blog pictures of Brady (it was only him back then), things I liked, reviews of homemade items I bought, digital projects, etc...  Then I discovered the world of design teams and all that went out the window.  This year, I'd like to take my blog back to what I originally wanted and more.

My focus has changed since I started this blog.  I still want to post creations that I make.  I do love crafting and love sharing my projects.  I still want to be on design teams.  But I also want to post recipes, reviews, money saving ideas, personal stuff, photos, and well anything I like.  After all, it is my blog and I've worked REALLY hard on getting it to where it is today.

Speaking of finally making changes, this year I'm going to focus more on the One Little Word concept from Ali Edwards.  Instead of making a bunch of resolutions, I want to focus on this one word and making myself better in this way.  My One Little Word for 2013 is ACTUALIZE.

Over the last few weeks, I've gotten fed up with how many people I've dealt with in my life who don't follow through on what they say they are going to do.  Then I took a good long look in the mirror and thought of how many times I said I was going to do something and haven't finished or even started it.  I decided that if I disliked this trait so much in other people, I need to work on it myself.

~Make my ideas come to fruition
~Follow through with what I tell people I'm going to do
~Finishing projects
~And who else knows where this word will take me this year.  But I intend to follow it.

And because who likes a blog post with no picture, I give you Avery smiling.  :D  Or maybe Avery with gas.

Have a great day, friends!  


  1. I love that idea of posting lifestyle content. It's YOUR blog so why not post what makes YOU happy.

    LOVE this pic so much. I want to kiss those cheeks. You'll have to do it for me. <3 ya

  2. Great idea Ashley if you have alot to offer just go for it.. But I do understand about how the DT stuff just overtakes what you first intended to do! Best wishes for all to work out!! I think it is great!! She is such a cutie gas or no gas!!

  3. LOL! Avery looks EXACTLY like the boys!!! She is just toooo cute:)

    LOVE your OLW---I think I'm going to do Deep(er)....but I'm not sure:)

  4. Looks like I need to subscribe to this blog! ;-)

  5. Yup, it's your blog and you get to do what you want with it. I did the same thing. I started my blog just for fun. I've always crafted and cooked and my life was in a transition with my health. So I started a blog to document that. After all, it's called "Change of Heart -- My Life, My Art, My Craft." I'm only on 1 design team now and I'm focusing more on the art side. I can't even tell you how many art classes I'm currently enrolled in. So that's my blog now. If I ever get around to posting!!!

    Good for you for making that decision. Take care of that little girl and especially take care of yourself, okay?


  6. Congrats on your baby girl, Ashley! She is ADORABLE! Hope you have a great 2013! HUGS!

  7. Hope you are feeling much better, little Avery is just snuggable looking!!!

  8. Great idea for your blog. And Avery is just sooooo darn cute. Happy New Year!