Monday, September 1, 2014

Fluttering for Love4JLK

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  Seven children die everyday of cancer in the United States.  One of those children was my friend Libby's daughter Jennifer (aka JLK.)  She's not the first child I've known with cancer but her death effected me the most.  Libby and I were trying to have babies at the same time.  Her daughter and my sons are a year apart.  We were pregnant at the same time.  And Libby's struggles to get a baby into her life broke my heart.  This little JLK and her mommy had already made an imprint on my heart before the cancer.  I've blogged about Love4JLK before so I'll just link the posts HERE, HERE, and HERE if you'd like to read those posts.

Today, let's talk about moving forward and how I vowed to help Libby this month to spread awareness.  Libby honors her daughter every single day.  When she came up with the Flutter Campaign, I was floored by her genius.  Though, honestly, I got in just under the buzzer to order my Flutter kit.  The kit includes 12 dragonfly lawn decorations, a sign, and some papers about Unravel Cancer.  You're supposed to Flutter people's front yard and leave them the papers to spread awareness and also letting them know how they can donate.

As a family, we are aiming to Flutter a house every night in September to spread awareness about Childhood Cancer and to raise money.  We are VERY gung-ho about it at this point, I'm hoping the resolve continues.  As we go, we are teaching our kids about commitment, helping others, spreading awareness, and thinking of people beyond ourselves.  It would be MUCH easier to sweep this under a rug and pretend that cancer only happens to OTHER people, but that isn't the truth is it?

Option 1: Donate.  You can use MY LINK and help me reach my $500 goal for this month.  ALL of the money is going to the Stanford team that is studying Jennifer's tumor.  The hope is that they will be able to unravel cancer and save the lives of the 46 children that get diagnosed with cancer EVERYDAY.

Option 2: Flitter.  It's too late to buy a Flutter kit but you can still Flitter.  Flittering is an option where you can print out information and give it to people to spread awareness.  Anyone can still sign up to do this and it doesn't cost you any money.  (ETA: I have signed up to Flitter as well.  I will probably be doing this when the kids are in school.  If you'd like to donate to my page, you can find it HERE.)

Here we are fluttering:
If you want to donate to us, we would SO love the support!  I'd love to be able to give Libby as much money as possible at the end of the month.  And when I say "donate to us" I mean to our page but 100% will go to Unravel Cancer.  :)

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