Friday, September 5, 2014

How We've Been Flittering (for Love4JLK)

Hi friends!  I hope you are well!  We are ok.  Brady has an ear infection and it's kind of been taking up my whole week.  Avery is teething and acting like she's sick as well.  This has not however stopped us from completing our month of Fluttering for Love4JLK.  The kids, Dustin, and I are having a blast sneaking to houses and Fluttering them!  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you will see all the pictures of our adventures.

In my last post I mentioned that if you wanted to take part in the Unravel Campaign that you might consider Flittering.  Flittering is great for people who didn't get a Flutter kit.  It's basically Flutter Lite.  Originally, the idea was that you could print out their flyer and give it to people.  You know me, I wanted to up the FUN level.  I emailed the gal in charge of Flittering (who happens to be my pal Sarah) and asked if I could have a high res image of the dragonfly that was on the Flitter Flyer.  She so sweetly sent me back the image and I started Flittering the Fun Way!

Here's my Flitter and Flutter File (say that 5 times fast.)  I put in the You've Been Flittered signs, the dragonflies that I printed and cut out, some WASHI TAPE (this tape is made in a way that it's removable without leaving a residue, you can buy it at Michael's or even Target.  You do not want to damage someone's property while Flittering!), and the Flitter Flyers from Unravel.  I also keep a couple papers from my Flutter kit in the back so when we go to pick up the dragonflies I can replenish my envelope without having to drive home in between.

First up, my daily stomping ground Starbucks.  I really wanted to Flitter the door but the manager said that I would have to use the bulletin board and that's better than nothing.  Since I knew that this one would be left up for a while, I took the dragonfly image and printed it out on card stock then I used pink glitter glue (Stickles) to coat the wings.  I don't have a color printer so I wanted to add some oomph.

Next up, we did a friend's car while she was at work.  She was parked by a Crossfit gym so lots of people walked by her car.  We actually had to TOUCH the car to do this so make sure the alarm isn't on.  Brady helped me with this one.  And my friend Ali let me use her printer so we got to print these ones out in color.  (Thanks Ali!!)

Then, we did our friend's apartment.  We would have liked to Flutter these friends but they don't have a lawn.  Insert solution.  Again, we used that Washi Tape so that they can easily remove it.

The Flittering Page now has graphics that you can save to your computer and print out if you want to Flitter in the same fashion I've been doing it.  I took the images and put two of the "You've been flittered" signs on one page.  I also took the dragonfly image and put two of those on a page to save paper.  If you'd like the images I created, please email me.  You can find my email in the right sidebar.

If you aren't able to help in this way, please consider donating to my Flutter Page.  My goal is to raise $500 for Unravel this month and I'm busting my bum to do it.  Every single dollar helps.  I've even had some kids give me change (which Dustin and I are rounding up to the nearest dollar.)

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  1. Love that you are getting the kids involved in this! What a great example you are!