Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Fives: Current TV Sitcoms

Hi friends!  I hope you're doing well!  We are ok.  I'm very slowly getting better.  My mom just left after spending 3 weeks here to help me out and we'll see how the next week goes.  Wish us luck!

While I was doing the Sunday Bests for the last week, I just had a thought that there were so many things that I like that I've never shared on my blog.  I've decided to do a weekly top 5 list.  There are so many things that I want to share like my favorite tv shows, my favorite beauty YouTube gurus, my makeup favorites,  books that I like to read over and over, things I like to drink, and just everything.  I think I will keep up the Sunday Bests as those are a weekly favorite of what I like right at that moment whereas Friday Fives will be all different things and who knows what will happen as it progresses.

Since TV is on hiatus for the summer, I thought I'd share 5 of my favorite sitcoms that are still running.  If they sound interesting to you, you could binge watch them and be caught up for the fall season!

1. Undateable.  This is such a funny ensemble cast!  The premise is that there's a group of friends who are all quirky, awkward, and undateable.  You get to watch as they fumble their way in and out of dating relationships.  The show is ridiculous and funny.

2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  I've mentioned this show before in a Sunday Best but I still love it.  It was probably my absolute favorite show of 2014.  Andy Samberg is the main character and he's so funny! This show also has a great ensemble cast.  It deals with the humorous side of being police officers and the relationships that they form.  This is one of the first shows in a very long time that I have re-watched.  I've seen every episode at least twice.

3. Big Bang Theory.  I'm sure you all already watch this show.  It's about a group of geeky guys and their neighbor who lives across the hall who is trying to become an actress.  The show has progressed beyond that as the characters have grown up a bit and gotten into relationships.  This is the show that most closely relates to my life as my husband and his friends are very much into video games, sci-fi, gadgets, etc... whereas myself and my friends tend to go more towards pop culture.

4. Fresh off the Boat.  I wrote a whole blog post about this show.  As a daughter of Asian immigrant parents, this show makes me laugh my butt off!  Some of the things that happen are SO ridiculous but they really did happen to me!  Like when the mom won't let the kids turn on the air conditioner in the summer because it costs too much money.  I guess that isn't THAT ridiculous but it strikes a cord with me.  I think this show just shows a culture that people might not know a lot about but they show it in such a funny way.

5. The Middle.  This show is about a family with three kids, two boys and one girl.  (Sound familiar?)  And while that's about all we have in common with this family, the struggle and hilarity in being a family just carries through every family.  It's a hard working stoic dad, a chatty mom that tries to bring her family together but doesn't always do it in the right way, a teenage son that's too cool for everyone, a sweet teenage daughter who strives to be something, anything, and an awkward younger son who has a lot of quirks.  I enjoy the dynamics and how REAL family life is portrayed on this show.  

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