Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hungry? Check Facebook!

A few months ago, my friend told me about an awesome new trend that was happening on Facebook.  People were selling homemade food on different Facebook groups.  I live in Northern California but I'm sure there are groups all over the country.

The groups are a lot like the Facebook yard sale type groups.  Sellers list what foods they have to offer, the prices, and a general location where the food can be picked up.  Some sellers offer delivery for a fee much like restaurants that offer delivery.  Some buyers will post things they are in search of as well.

The first time I bought something it was this AMAZING banh mi sandwich and tom kha gai soup.  What's super amazing is that I actually bought this from a Masterchef contestant, Jill Campbell!  I'm VERY into food so this was the highlight of my week.  I didn't even know about this until after I ordered and I wanted to tag her on Instagram so other people would know how to find her food.

If you want to join a food group, I would search either your town name or area code and "food" on Facebook or post in your status update and see if any of your friends can refer you to a group.  Good luck and I hope this opens up a whole new world of food for you!

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