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Seattle Part 3: Breakfast, Brunch, and Coffee

I hope you have had the chance to read my Pack Up + Go Post and my Seattle Part 2 post but if you're just here for the food, I don't blame you.  Spoiler alert, we went to eat so much!  I will try not to go on and on.  Please keep in mind that we did not know that we were going to Seattle until we were at the airport to go so there was not a lot of time for research.  (Please use my name as a referral if you book a Pack Up + Go trip, thank you!)

I've decided (again) to split this post up.  I meant to write this as one post but we went to THIRTEEN different places to eat!  This post will cover breakfast, brunch, and coffee.  Oh coffee, you're my favorite!  I don't think I've ever been as full as I was in Seattle but we walked SO freaking much and it was so hilly so I'd call it balance.  Do not burst my bubble.  Seattle was the perfect city for me since I do a lot of food on my Instagram!

This coffee shop was right at our hotel and it is gorgeous!  There were big windows, lots of wood furniture, awesome branding with their logo subtly everywhere, and lots of modern decor too.  They had board games to play but I had no time for that as I was busy taking some lifestyle photos.  The staff was WONDERFUL!  I wish I had gotten their names.  They were so sweet to me and made me feel really special!  I got a quad shot vanilla latte and Dustin got a mocha.  Both were as beautiful as they were tasty!  I loved the taste of their espresso and the level of sweetness they used in their drinks!  I wish I had time to hand out here all day.

~ Saturday Brunch - Local 360
We had the pleasure of going to brunch with Dustin's cousin Kimberlee and spending time with her on Saturday.  After chatting about the menus and what we were looking for (mainly a place that had LOTS o mimosas!) we picked Local 360.  It has a very "Sacramento" concept being that they source their food locally (within 360 miles of the location.)  They also focus on sustainable food sources.  They have rustic wood decor.

We started with the Limencello and Thyme Mimosa pitcher which was a lovely flavor though I feel like the pitcher was a bit small for the price.  However, this is probably the best value out of all the pitchers since one of the flavors is another alcohol.  Dustin got the Rabbit Sausage Biscuit Sandwich with house made rabbit sausage and a side of grits.  It was good though I think when you take the pork out of a sausage, it takes away the "sausage flavor" so while the meat was good it just tasted like a patty.  The grits were yummy.  I'm super into grits and polenta right now.  I got the Hangtown Fry: Open Faced Bacon Omelette.  It was SO good!  The bacon pieces in the omelette were huge!  The fried oysters were delicious and the spicy sauce they served on the side was no joke!  I really enjoyed it!  Kim got the Chorizo Scramble which was good and she enjoyed (I don't have a picture.)  She also gave me some of her biscuits because for some reason Seattle has a biscuit obsession and it was very good as well.  I got the Old Fashion Donut for us all to share.  It was super dense and not what I would call a donut.  If they rebranded that as a fried cake, I might be able to get behind it.  The service here was amazing!  We were able to get a reservation and they were super on top of seating their reservations right on time which I really respect.  It was delicious and I was satisfied since I love that brunch life!

My friend Ken told me to go to Top Pot and I love a donut so why not?  It was really close to our hotel and we actually walked passed it several times.  We grabbed some coffee and donuts on our way to the Underground Tour which I wrote about in my last post.  I got my usual coffee order (3 shots of espresso over ice with vanilla and a splash of non-fat) which the barista had the hardest time with.  He asked if it was a latte which is interesting because I didn't order a latte.  I told him it was more like an Americano with no water and that seemed to do the trick.  I found their espresso to lean sour which I didn't love.  We got 2 Raspberry Glazed ring donuts which were ok not a lot of flavor and I usually really love raised donuts.  The Cherry Blossom donut seemed to be an obvious choice since Seattle seemed to be all about the cherry blossom when we visited.  

~ Chocolati Cafe
After leaving the Skyview Observatory, Dustin found this cute little coffee shop for us to walk to.  The location is inside the Seattle Public Library - Central Library which is a great concept!  They have several locations in Seattle and this is more like a coffee cart with a chocolate case, a cold case with sandwiches, and a pastry case.  They have a few tables in their cafe area but I saw a lot of people with coffee sitting all around the library.

I made Dustin get the hot mocha since they use REAL melted chocolate in their hot drinks but I usually drink cold coffee.  His was amazing!  It was rich and creamy!  My iced mocha was made with some sort of mocha powder and wasn't nearly as good as the hot one.  We also each got a piece of chocolate.  Dustin got the coconut one which he enjoyed very much.  I got the mint bar which was yummy and more subtle.

I wish I had the chance to visit more coffee shops while I was in Seattle since that is what they are known for.  I also wish I had done another brunch instead of doing donut and coffee one more since I really love brunch and it shows so much more versatility in food.  I did enjoy all of the things I wrote about so I guess we did pretty good.  Stay tuned, I will be writing a post with lunch, snacks, and treats and another post with dinner and drinks.  

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